Quick Look: Coexx Line 1 Lightning and Micro USB 2nd Gen Timer Cable

    Here’s another addition to your digital toolbox. The Coexx Line 1 Lightning and Micro USB Cable gives double performance with its compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. Whether plugged from a wall socket or another device, this 2-in-1 charging and data cable offers the latest quick-charge technology through its 2.4 A of output power. The first of its kind, this product from the Japanese brand Coexx has an adjustable countdown timer and display that can charge various devices such a tablets, smartphones, cameras, and music players up to 9 hours. Protection for your gadgets is also ensured through its automatic stop feature that prevents overcharging and overheating. Its one-meter length also offers you the freedom to plug and transfer data seamlessly.

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE March 2018

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