Quick Look: OtterBox Symmetry

    OtterBox is back with their stylish phone cases designed for the discerning millennial taste.

    The Symmetry series for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus is available in trendy colors, graphics, and patterns. This series, however, isn’t all just glamour; it’s made with dual material for defense that prevents damages from drops and bumps as well as from scrapes and scratches in one sleek form factor.

    It’s easy to install with its carefully customized form factor. It also has a screen bumper that serves as a layer of protection for the display when dropped facedown. Day in and out, rest assured your device is protected fashionably.

    PHP 2,250 (iPhone 8 and iPhone X)
    PHP 2,600 (iPhone 8 and iPhone X Clear Series)
    PHP 2,950 (iPhone 8 Plus)
    PHP 3,200 (iPhone 8 Plus Clear Series)

    Text by Anne Patricia Cardeño, intern

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