Acer will raise notebook prices by 2-3% says paper, Asus to follow

    We knew it wouldn’t take long till the hard drive shortage caused by the floods in Thailand would affect prices of devices that used HDDs, and sadly, here it is. Chinese-language Apple Daily reports that have reported that Acer is looking at raising notebook prices by NT$500-700 (US$16-23) which is about 2-3% for their newly made stock of notebooks for December. Another Taiwanese company, Asus, is also looking at raising the prices of their notebooks, though by how much is still anybody’s guess. Lin has pointed out that Acer’s HDD stock for November was almost depleted, meaning their new notebooks will now be made with the higher priced HDD whose value has risen because of the shortages. We’ve also heard of anecdotal evidence of local stores raising hard drive prices, so if you didn’t heed our advice to buy gadgets before the prices rose, it’d be best to hold of on your purchase until the prices stabilize sometime in Q2 of 2012.

    Source: Digitimes

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