Apps: QBO Innovation Hub

    The startup world is a cutthroat one and there are only two ways slugging it out can go: you make it or not. Building a network and making connections are essential for businesses to grow, more so for startup companies. To get a head start in the industry, QBO Innovation Hub–the Philippines’ first public-private sector platform for startup companies–launched the QBO app.

    The app offers a new and convenient way for QBO’s community to connect with each other and gain guidance from its roster of experienced mentors. It also grants the user access to the company’s many enriching programs and services. Think your regular social media app but tailor-made for those looking to connect and network within the industry.

    Inspired from the humble kubo, which is a symbol of teamwork, this virtual hub allows startups from all over the Philippines to connect with a broader range of entrepreneurs, investors, partners, and other potential resource persons. It’s also an avenue for users to engage in startup-related discussions as well as stay updated with QBO’s events and services.

    The QBO App has three primary functions:
    Its QNNECT feature provides access to QBO’s network and connects users with people with whom they can create meaningful partnerships. Through QNNECT, founders can meet other industry players and potential partners; startup enthusiasts can find ways to get started in the industry, stay on top of the latest news; and mentors and investors can find new businesses and other potential investments.

    QLLABORATE enables users to discover startup-related events across the country, participate in groups to seek advice, discuss trendy topics, and communicate with special guests and speakers. Important resources like government forms, speaker presentations, and other documents can also be downloaded through QLLABORATE.

    With QNTRIBUTE, users can become active members of the startup ecosystem, sharing their news, pushing their own products, and posting photos, links, videos and other startup-related content on a social media-like timeline. This is where users give feedback to QBO’s programs and services.

    QBO is backed by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) along with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), J.P. Morgan, and IdeaSpace Foundation Inc.

    The app is only the latest development in QBO’s vision of Filipino startups changing the world. It is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information about QBO, visit

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