Eleksyon 2022 Koalisyon gets Viber support for #RegiToVote campaign

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    Eleksyon 2022 Koalisyon is a nonpartisan and multisectoral coalition that aims to inspire seven million prospective voters to register or reactivate their voting status with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) by September 30, 2021, the last day of registration for the upcoming national elections in 2022. COMELEC previously revealed that 7 million voter accounts have been deactivated, with only around 700,000 reactivated.

    2022 isn’t just any other year. It’s a national elections year that could spell the future of the Philippines’ recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic that impacted the lives of many. It’s a must that the recovery plans should be all-encompassing; no one should be left behind. 

    But to secure a people-first post-pandemic recovery, every citizen should let their voices be heard. You should exercise your right to vote. This why Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging apps, is joining over 29 organizations from the private sector, academe and youth-oriented civic groups, religious associations, welfare advocacy groups, community organizers, election protection groups, thought leaders, and influencers to support Eleksyon 2022 Koalisyon: Magparehistro. Bumoto. Para Sa Bukas Natin.

    “We couldn’t emphasize enough how important the 2022 national elections are in our future as a nation as we transition to a new normal. The Koalisyon wants to empower as many Filipinos as possible to register and vote next year and make their opinions matter, their voices heard,” says Christian Monsod, former COMELEC chair and the coalition’s lead convenor. “More than anything, it is our duty as citizens to help in paving the way for a better future for the Philippines. And it begins by simply casting your votes in the national elections.” 

    To help promote voter registration and education, Viber has rolled out a series of in-app activities in time for the official launch of the Koalisyon’s campaign Regi To Vote: Love Kita, Pinas. Eleksyon 2022 Koalisyon has started its own Viber Community, RegiToVote: PH for Voter Reg, where members can receive reminders and guidelines for voter registration, details on various voter registration initiatives in the country, updates on the upcoming elections, and exclusive content from celebrities and personalities who have lent their voices for this important cause. A fun sticker pack on voter registration that’s also linked to the Community is also available for download.

    A Viber Chatbot will also be set up to help users register to vote. With this Chatbot, you can access resources, download needed forms before heading to Comelec, get all the information you need to register, and even volunteer for the Koalisyon. After September 30, the Community and Chatbot will be updated to focus on voter education, including sharing vetted information on the upcoming elections, which can help voters cut through election-related misinformation. 

    “Viber has always been supportive of the causes that matter most to our users. This partnership with Eleksyon 2022 Koalisyon comes at the most opportune time. Now that the national elections are getting closer, our users will be able to turn to Viber to get accurate information on voter registration, the platforms of the candidates, and other election matters,” says David Tse, the APAC senior director at Rakuten Viber. “We hope that this easy access to verified information will further entice our users to register to vote and make informed decisions come May 9, 2022, and also inspire those within their circles to do the same.”

    Discover the power of voting, discover the power of the collective by joining  RegiToVote: PH for Voter Reg.

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