Ever Wondered How Your Spotify Daily Mix Playlist Works?

    The music streaming services, Spotify, comes up with a bunch of ways to help you get the most out of your jam sessions, so you’re fed the music you love, plus the occasional new tune.

    The Daily Mix, a feature both premium and free users can enjoy on the mobile and desktop experience,offers up to six personalized playlists based on your favorite songs and related music you might enjoy. Also, these playlists update daily, so the head-bopping never stops. It can be found in “Your Library” on desktop or premium mobile, the radio tab on premium mobile, or on the home screen for users of the new free app experience.

    It was designed to provide familiar, comfortable music within each of the user’s top listening modes.  Reflecting how the user actually listens, rather than matching their favorite music against predefined genres, the company used clustering technology to identify distinct subgroupings within their users’ listening patterns. From then, they build recommendations, mixing in appropriate new suggestions along with the known favorites.

    Each one is based on a different listening mode or grouping we identify in the user’s listening and feedback. Someone who listens to a lot of different kinds of music will have more mixes than someone who primarily focuses on one style.

    Discover Weekly is very much different from Daily Mix playlist. For Premium users, the latter will load more songs as needed to keep the music going without stopping, while Discover Weekly always has only 30 tracks.

    If users don’t like what is showing up in their Daily Mix, there’s the like/dislike icons to steer the mix. “Disliking” will exclude the song or artist from all mixes from that point forward. Continuing to stream and listening to new music is the best way to get an entirely new mix.

    For more information, you may visit Spotify’s official website.

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