Making 2024 your most productive and promising year yet with Google and YouTube

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    2024 may be two weeks in, but it’s never too late to set a simple goal or fulfill a resolution of being more productive or efficient. In fact, you can always turn over a new leaf and commit to doing more or learning something new—all you need are the right tools and companions to guide you toward a successful year, such as YouTube, Bard, and the rest of the tools from Google. 

    From AI to Gmail to Drive and even YouTube Shorts, Google’s entire arsenal can help you set and achieve your 2024 goals. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    Bard: Don’t know what to start doing for the new year? You can try asking Bard–it’ll pump out some generic thought-starter aspirations or 2024 resolutions, which you can tailor-fit to your life or goals.

    Google Search: Of course, there’s always Google Search. You know how to make the most of it by searching for topics, articles, and content related to your goals, which can help you expand your horizon or learn new skills.

    Google Docs: If you’re not yet using Google Docs regularly, this is a good time to let it change your professional (and personal) life. Use it to create documents to outline your plans, write vision boards, or develop strategies for achieving your goals, which you can access from anywhere and any device with your Google account.

    Google Calendar: Like Google Docs, Google Calendar is a cloud-based calendar and scheduling app that you can access from any device. Use it to set goals for yourself and schedule milestones or deadlines to keep yourself on track, giving you a tangible timetable for your biggest goals and dreams. And just like with Docs, you can also share your calendar with others who can cheer you up and help you stay motivated.

    YouTube & Shorts: Did you know you can learn anything on YouTube? If one or more of your resolutions involve learning or mastering something new, you can watch educational videos or tutorials to gain new knowledge and develop your skills. Or if you just want to figure out how to organize your life better, you can follow inspiring creators for finance, life, and productivity hacks such as Coach Lyqa, Abbey Sy, and Thea Sy Bautista.

    Google Keep: Level up your note-taking skills by going digital. Google Keep allows you to quickly and easily create bite-sized notes and lists to brainstorm ideas, track progress on goals, and capture important information.

    Google Sheets: What’s better than your usual spreadsheet software? How about spreadsheets you can open from anywhere? Google’s cloud-based tools like Sheets let you create spreadsheets that help you stay on top of and organized with everything you need to do, charting everything numerically or visually with all the must-have features. If you’re heavy on data and numbers, Sheets makes for a great way to crunch the stats in a way that you like.

    Gmail: If your 2024 resolution is to be a better and more efficient family member or officemate, it’s time to be better with email. With Gmail and its natural links to other Google tools such as Docs, Drive, and Calendar, you can master the art of communicating with others involved in your plans, sharing documents, and setting reminders for important tasks.

    Google Drive: The ultimate storage solution—if somehow you’re not yet using the data allocation in your Google Drive account, you’re definitely missing out. Store your planning documents, notes, and resources and organize them all in one central location for easy access.

    Safer with Google: A fundamental aspect of productivity and efficiency is keeping all your online accounts and apps protected. Maximize all the easy-to-use tools and products from Google to keep your digital life private and secure. From Gmail to Chrome, every Google product is designed for safety. Using Privacy and Password Checkup regularly will help you stay safer online. 

    Whether it’s a bold new-year resolution or setting a simple goal to learn something new, walk your own path, and design the type of success that works for you. Maximize available tools like AI and educational Shorts to achieve these goals and pursue a habit of lifelong learning and development. 

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