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What’s App? Vol. 3

The currently available apps in the marketplace have reached a number humanly impossible to count. While there are many newcomers, people would still go for the more established ones. In this month’s app round up, we shed light on to these new apps and some you may have casually scrolled past. Ready your phone storage, you’re about to be entertained.

iOS and Android, Web (Free)
Want to learn a new language? Memrise has your back. In this app you can learn Spanish, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, English among others through a collated course that’s colorful, fun, and easy to absorb. Learning is level-based, you start with basic, useful conversational words then move on to more complex phrases as you level up. Memrise changes things up constantly. It’ll introduce a word, audio pronunciation included, and make you identify it through fun quizzes. It also has video clips of native speakers in the tests, making learning virtually first-hand. If you want a quick break from your course, there are also games to test out your new knowledge. More features such as chatbots, pronunciation guide, offline mode, and even adaptive technology are available in pro mode, which you have to pay a premium for. Sayonara, subtitles!

Unfold: Story Creator
iOS and Android (Free)
Unleash your inner storyteller with Unfold. This app makes your wonderful moments even more awe-inspiring with simple, yet sophisticated templates, fonts, and tools readily available at your disposal. Creating beautiful layouts only takes seconds, and you don’t even need to make an account to use Unfold’s features. It can import and export both photo and video from and to your phone storage or share stories across platforms. Engage followers with content that’s cohesive and create without limits.

Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir: The Official Gam
iOS and Android (Free)
Just when you think you’ve moved on from runner games, a new app comes around to get you hooked once again. Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir: The Official Game does that excellently. It comes as your standard runner game: there’s a path to run on, obstacles to avoid, levels to overcome, tokens and power ups to collect, and swipe controls to get you through. What makes this runner standout is its fun, 3D animations. You get to play as the French animated series’ Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir in this adventure-packed game. Unfold bonus stories of the superhero protagonist while butt-kicking villains to save the day.

Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind
Play an almighty hand in this highly addictive clicker game. Beyond entertaining, this game can teach you a thing or two about the human evolution without having to open a science textbook. Human Evolution: Rise of Mankind presents simple tap and swipe controls. The play begins with a DNA, and another of which. Fusing them together will bring forth a new species, and another, ultimately leading up to the creation of man. Power ups in the game include a magnet for linking two creatures automatically, reducing time in which a bubble containing species appear, and more. As you earn coins spewed by creatures (or as you tap them), you can begin buying species already in your collection to speed up the process of evolution.

Bored Button
iOS, Android
As simple as its name suggests, the Bored Button is for people who are looking to kill time. Similar to SALT, one of last month’s featured apps, Bored Button gives you a new game to play with by simply tapping the in-game red button. It has various number-, puzzle-, and shape games to enjoy, all of which you can save as favorites. Stuck in traffic? Hit the red button and relieve boredom!


Also published in Gadgets Magazine June 2018 issue
Words by Mia Carisse Barrientos
Layout by Theresa Eloriaga