Your Profile, Your Home: Protecting your privacy on Facebook 

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    Through Facebook’s new game  Your Profile, Your Home in English / (Bahay Mo, Profile Mo) in Filipino,  users can build their own virtual home on Facebook, and learn how to personalize their account based on their preferences.

    Protecting the privacy and security of people’s data is fundamental to how Facebook’s business works. It has tools to give people more transparency and control over how their data is used, and design new products and feature with privacy in mind.

    In line with Privacy Awareness Week starting May 23, Facebook encourages users to learn about the tools and resources to keep their accounts private, safe, and secure. 

    Some settings to look into are: 

    Privacy settings

    Different people have different preferences around privacy. Find out how to decide what you see and share, and how you connect with your community.

    Did you know that each time you create a post on Facebook, you can decide who sees it by using the Audience Selector tool located just below your name?

    Advertiser preferences

    Learn about how data is used to show you ads without advertisers learning who you are, the controls you have to help determine what ads you get, why you are seeing a particular ad, and more. 

    If you want to know why you are being shown a certain ad, click on the upper-right corner (3 dots) of the ad, and tap on the option “Why am I seeing this ad” to learn more. 

    Security settings

    Facebook has several additional features to increase the security of your account. These include: 

    • Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security
    • Login alerts for unrecognized login activity 

    Through Your Profile, Your Home (Profile Mo, Bahay Mo), users will have an easy way to find out just how safe and secure their profiles are. 

    Check it out and find out if you are a highly secure bank or a wide-open book and learn how to start protecting your account now.  

    Your Facebook is driven by you. The friends you add, the Pages you like, the groups you join, and the things you interact with all shape what you see on Facebook on any given day. And things change, so it should be easy to personalize Facebook to reflect who you are and what you want today. 

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