2014: A year in search

    Technology Apps 2014: A year in search

    As the year comes to a close, it’s a great time to look back and see what the last 365 days have taught us. Google has released the Philippines’ most trending searches, dubbed a “Year In Search.”


    At the top of the list is Vhong Navarro, and the drama surrounding the heavily publicized beating at the start of this year. His legal battle with Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo were widely followed such that both names made it to the top of the newsmakers’ charts.

    The infuriating application Flappy Bird took second in the list. Its sudden rise in popularity and abrupt pulling from app stores for different mobile platforms made it more of a hit than anyone could have expected.

    Third was the tragic death of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams. The news drove Filipinos all over the country to search for news on his death and his body of work, skyrocketing his name to third.

    The fourth entry is one for music fans, as locals all fell in love with, and searched for, Rude, by Magic!  The band visited the country in October of this year, getting them right near the top of the countdown.

    In fifth, for better or worse, was the movie Frozen, thanks to the magical story, and helped in no small way by the hit track Let It Go, which to this day still gets endless replays from kids and adults alike.

    Overall Top Trending Searches for the Philippines:

    1. Vhong Navarro

    2. Flappy Bird

    3. Robin Williams

    4. Rude (Magic!)

    5. Frozen

    6. Cedric Lee

    7. Paolo Bediones

    8. Jennifer Lawrence

    9. Malaysia Airlines

    10. Meteor Garden





















































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