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    As faster internet makes its way to the average home, executing tasks become faster, multitasking is easier, and buffering is a thing of the past. This development is prompting the big shift from traditional to online content. Nowadays, the availability of movies on the Internet is as rich as Googling the word Apple. With high bandwidth network connections, it has become a quick and easy alternative to satisfy the movie cravings in everyone. Here’s a quick list of movie streaming services for you to check out.


    Google Play (Android, Google Chrome, Web browsers)

    Re-watch your favorite Jack Black lines in School of Rock or scream ‘til your throat turns sore as you catch up on the latest The Walking Dead episodes right on your handy Android phone. Yes, Google says you can! If you scour the Play Store, you’ll likely to stumble upon the Google Play Movies & TV app, which lets you watch, buy, download, and stream movies anywhere you are. However, to get the content, you need to download a player. If you want to save up memory, though, you can always watch from the browser. Also, television shows are currently available only in the US.


    iTunes (iOS, MacOS, Windows OS)

    If you’re for Apple all the way, the service for you is none other than iTunes—the key to not just the world’s biggest music collection, but also a vast collection of flicks. iTunes is as big as its mothership Apple. It is home to 1080p HD movie titles and a plethora of hit television series. Though pricing of such may be of higher value compared to other streaming services, you will definitely be satisfied with iTunes’ updated and extensive directory.


    ClickPlay PH (Web Browsers)

    Touted as the local counterpart of Netflix, Clickplay is an on-demand movie streaming service recently launched in the Philippines. Gone are the days of having to pay for overdue movie rentals. The process is pretty simple: sign up, visit the home page for the latest movie releases or enter a movie you like and hit search, click the ‘Add to Cart’ icon, pay, then watch. Microsoft Silverlight needs to be installed for you to enjoy the movies you buy or rent. If you choose to rent a title, you’ll be given 30 days to watch it. You can play the rented title as many times as you wish for 48 hours. As a competitive strategy to combat piracy, movies are pegged at PHP 60, though some titles may cost more. Current payment options are limited to credit cards and PayPal. At the moment, there are over 200 movie titles available for streaming on the site and this is presumed to increase in the following months. Still in its early stages as a streaming service, the only access to ClickPlay is through web browsers; the app version for smartphones and subscription model are said to be on their way. PLDT Fibr subscribers are entitled to free movie packages.


    Youtube (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Web browsers)

    Everybody likes free stuff, and that’s exactly why everyone just loves YouTube! But you already knew that. If you are low on moolah, you can always resort to watching full-length movies, TV shows, short crazy vids and just about anything on YouTube. Although the resolution of uploaded full-length flicks may not be as stellar as HD, you will still be able to recognize Iron Man’s iconic metal suit, that is, if you can find the franchise on the site. TV series and movies may also be uploaded into several parts, so you will need a dose of patience and a keen eye to combat dubious and sneaky titles.


    Netflix (Windows, Mac iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8)

    Netflix is a name that is tantamount to entertainment streaming. Before it became a household streaming service, Netflix built its brand as a reliable home video rental service. Now, it is the biggest on-demand online video streaming service in the US. Be it blockbuster movies or hit television series, Netflix has you covered. If you are a Netflix member, you can instantly watch and select from a wide array of shows anywhere you are via the Netflix app on your mobile device. Getting an account entitles you to a one-month free membership. Unfortunately, though, fellow Pinoys, Netflix is not yet available in the Philippines. Sigh.  Undeniably, with the convenience entertainment streaming services has brought us, we get to enjoy movies at the comfort of our homes.  You also get the chance to finally see that movie adaptation  (*cough—City of Bones—cough*) you’ve been dying to watch!

    First published in Gadgets Magazine, October 2013

    Words by Mia Carisse Barrientos

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