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Apps: Student Friendly Apps for Productivity

College students, in this era of innovation are blessed to experience the abundance of technologies that they can use for productivity. For a twenty-something yuppie who grew up with diskettes and the Dewey Decimal system, the invention of Internet and smartphones redefined the way we learn. It has stretched out the capabilities of mobile devices, helping students tick one task at a time on their to-do list. Now, more than ever, possibilities are endless and infinite. These productivity apps for Android would surely help you finish your daily goals on time as you crawl toward the finish line of your college education.

Trello Trello, Inc

Keeping all the details in a group project can be cumbersome and stressful. Trello, a visual tool especially made for project management, makes it fun and appealing. As an intuitive app, it lets users make their digital bulletin boards consist of various lists. These lists then represent the progress of their tasks which can be broken down into “cards”. You can move a card to its respective phase of the project. Psychologically, visual representation makes it easier to break up complex tasks. Another good thing is, it’s free to use.

Notebloc Notebloc

Developed by a notebook company brand in Barcelona, the free scanner app lets users scan, save, and share notes, sketches, and drawings and other documents through your phone’s camera. Unlike other scanner apps, Notebloc automatically optimizes and corrects the perspective of the scanned images for clearer and brighter results. It allows users freedom to create and export the files in either JPEG or PDF formats in any desired size. Converting your notes to digital ones, it is used best with its own brand of notebooks.

Socratic Socratic 

Internet, just like people, has its own flaws. Sometimes, it’s not as reliable as expected. Dubbed as the digital tutor in your pocket, Socratic is an educational app that provides step-by-step help to students instantly. Powered by AI technology, the app automatically presents a simple, bite-sized content to students that pushes students to practice their critical thinking, all of which are pooled from the organization’s community of educators and passionate people. Covering almost everything under the sun—from Physics to Literature— the app scans homework questions from your smartphone’s camera. With the aid of machine learning, Socratic predicts the concepts that will help students solve the questions in their assignments, even long equations on statistics, geometry, and algebra.

Todoist Doist

Writing down a to-do list keeps track of the past, the things that you should do, and the future plans that you’ll be doing. Todoist helps you stay focused and organized by jotting down all the things that you need to accomplish. Thanks to its intelligent user interface, the software automatically schedules reminders and files these according to category. It has habit and goal trackers for monitoring your progress in a certain project, as well as lists and a daily planner for effective task delegation. Apart from being a personal productivity tool, Todoist can also be used for monitoring group projects. Through its Projects tab, you can plan and discuss your thesis, assign responsibilities to your groupmates, and see deadlines all inside the app.

All-In-One Calculator Mindbox

Simple yet systematic, the multipurpose calculator provides users simple to complex calculations of metric units, currency conversions, percentages, volumes, areas, and even body mass index (BMI). It features up to 75 types of calculators for algebra, geometry, finance, and health. To make it more efficient, unit converters are also integrated in this app. Unlike other calculators, this app from MINDBOX provides step-by-step solutions to understand the formula better.

Words by Jewel Sta. Ana

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE June 2019 Issue