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    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, more like a-day-from-now away. If you are still scratching your head hoping for ideas to pop up, worry no more because Microsoft has the solution for you. Here are some Windows apps to help you get through the 14th and impress your date.


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    If you want to go for something out of the ordinary, Foursquare can help you out. With over 30 million members, you’ll get great suggestions and recommendations on the newest restaurants, bars, and sights in the metro. Plus, photos and directions are also available to help you further.


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    With the large mass of people crowding malls and establishments every V-day, you can resort to your own kitchen, avoid the traffic, and have a lovely date night. Offering over 30,000 delicious recipes professionally generated from Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Self, and renowned chefs and cookbooks, you are on the way to the gastronomic track of your date’s heart. With Epicurious, date night can be more special and personal.

    8tracks Radio

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    Set the mood with 8tracks Radio. The app features more than 1 million fresh, free playlists, each created by people who knows and loves music.

    The Game of Life

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    Planning on settling down? Test your imagination with the Game of Life. Settle down and get married, or stay single and indulge in lavish luxuries and risky investments, this app offers endless digital possibilities.

    Photo Booth Pro

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    Capture the night’s most unforgettable moments with the help of your Windows device. Photo Booth Pro has 24 photo effects to treat your shots, which will have you spending hours taking couple “selfies.”


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    Bridge the distance gap with Skype. Get together using Skype to Skype video and voice calls with your significant other on the other side of the world. It would be a fun and unforgettable setup.

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