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LinkedIn Rolls Out Lite Version in PH

LinkedIn’s mobile-lite service makes it easier for every member to connect to opportunity, on-the-go, and in low bandwidth areas.

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional online network, has recently announced the availability of LinkedIn Lite in more than 60 countries globally, including the Philippines.

The lighter version of LinkedIn focuses on speed and simplicity to provide greater access to opportunities for more professionals, job seekers, and students in the world, helping them to stay informed, get ahead in their careers, and be more productive.

Currently, LinkedIn has more than 118 million members in Asia Pacific, including more than 22 million members in the Southeast Asia region. The region remains as one of the fastest growing regions with more than 8 million in Indonesia, 4 million in the Philippines and 3 million in Malaysia.

LinkedIn Lite is now available through the web and the Android app, and includes key features such as newsfeed, profile, networks, messaging, and notifications. It is accessible by virtually any Internet-capable mobile device on the market (even on 2G networks), while the Android app is less than 1 megabyte and can reduce data usage by as much as 80 percent.

Since its first launched in India, LinkedIn Lite has made remarkable strides in terms of delivering value to members. In addition to the faster access, the number of job application is growing significantly. Additionally, more than half of LinkedIn’s new members now sign up on mobile, and this has become a huge enabler for professionals in smaller cities to sign up and get connected.

Read more about how LinkedIn Lite came about on the LinkedIn’s blogpost in this link.

LinkedIn Lite is available globally in more than 60 countries. You can access the LinkedIn Lite on mobile web at www.linkedin.com, or download the Android app in the Play Store. The full list of 60 plus countries where LinkedIn Lite is available is here http://bit.ly/2wqJ0aJ.