Spotify launches Artist Apps

    Spotify has just rolled out a number of artist-centered apps that enable music fans to have a deeper connection with their favorite artists by giving them access to exclusive audio, personal stories, favorite music, and lots of special content.

    For those who aren’t familiar with Spotify, it’s basically a music streaming service that houses millions of tracks. It has social media integration, so it lets you share music with your friends and discover what they’re listening to. You can use Spotify on your desktop and your mobile devices.

    Spotify still isn’t available in the Philippines yet, but we’d just like to share this awesome update they made that shows how online tech brings artists closer to their fans.

    Quincy Jones, Tiesto, Rancid and Disturbed are the first artist apps launched by Spotify. From the initial roster of artists mentioned, we could tell that Spotify is set to come up with a wide range of artist apps that cater to all kinds of genres.

    The Quincy Jones app, dubbed as The Stories Behind the Music, features exclusive audio and artwork from the legendary hitmaker himself. Tiesto’s Club Life app includes a single of the week, an album of the month, a festival of the month, and a chart of all the hottest dance tracks.
 The Rancid app features the band’s top picks, straight from their own playlists. Frontman Tim Armstrong is also set to share his musical insights and inspiration. Metalheads will also have their share of fun and exclusive content with the Disturbed app, where the members of the band will share their favorite tunes and recount the past, present and future of rock and heavy metal.

    These are just the first of several artists who are lined up to release their own Spotify apps in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully, Spotify would be available soon in the country so we could have a dose of these awesome Artist Apps.

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