Still have some Christmas money lying around? Here’s an idea.

    Technology Apps Still have some Christmas money lying around? Here's an idea.


    There are a lot of things we all want to spend on, and the Christmas season leaves a lot of us with money burning holes in our pockets. Hoping to deliver a great, new customer experience is online retailer Poundit, which has the unique distinction of being founded by techies, just like you.

    A selection of top brands, knowledgeable staff, and top-notch customer service all set Poundit apart from the competition in the local online marketplace.

    “Shopping for gadgets, whether in malls or online stores, should be fun and a great experience. But often, it is not. We started Poundit hoping to address many of the frustrations we’ve experienced as customers hoping to get the best deals when it comes to tech products,” said Kristian Salvo, Founder and CEO.

    As an online store, Poundit is built around the following three core principles:
    1.    Curated Selection – Only the best brands and products in the planet. Customers will not sift through junk.
    2.    Compelling Content – Poundit also aims to educate and entertain, so that customers can decide on the best products for them.

    3.    Customer Service – Genuine customer service from pre-sales to after-sales

    “The easiest way to turn off a customer is when you continuously fall short of their expectations. Yet there seems to be an abundance of businesses here in the Philippines that continue to do so. They all lack one important trait – being customer centric. We as consumers suffer and tend to settle due to lack of better alternatives,” said Salvo. “We would like to give you a better alternative with Poundit.”

    Interested? Head over to, and get shopping!

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