Trend Micro Launches the Titanium 2013 Cloud Edition

    Technology Apps Trend Micro Launches the Titanium 2013 Cloud Edition

    Trend Micro, a global leader in computer security and the fight against cybercrime has just launched the 2013 version of its powerful Trend Micro Titanium family of security software. This software suite is available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android and is specifically tailored to stop the latest threats the digital world has created. Viruses have evolved. Where once viruses were simply malicious code made to cripple your machine, the latest threats go as far as to steal important information including identification, personal details and even financial data. This form of malware allows its creator to sell the information to unscrupulous third parties or even bleed your bank account dry.

    Trend Micro Titanium 2013 does a lot of things to make sure your information is secure. In the desktop environment, The Maximum security version allows users to create a secure space right on your machine that only you can access, and, should the need arise, remotely lock. When you’re online, watches out for when you’re giving out sensitive personal information, and ensures you don’t find yourself compromising your details to an unauthorized recipient. When you’re on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or other similar sites, the software warns you of high-risk or suspicious links, and allows you to warn others of the same. It even lets you monitor and limit the internet use on the devices on which it is installed. The Maximum Security Cloud Edition even comes with 5GB of secure cloud storage that can be synced with other devices, ensuring that security is never a concern. Users have a responsibility to keep their info safe. Trend Micro Titanium 2013 takes care of everything else.

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