JBL legendary sound, epic moments: introducing the latest JBL audio devices

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    JBL, the world’s trusted audio brand is dropping new essentials designed to enhance your adventures — whether it’s your daily grind, weekly hangouts, or occasional road trips, hikes, and sea-scapes. Unlock new immersive encounters as JBL unveils its latest lineup of portables and party speakers, earbuds, and audio glasses (Yes, you heard it: audio glasses)! And with cutting-edge innovations like OpenSound technology, Smart Charging Case™, Auracast, AI Sound Boost, and more, the audio brand is set to revolutionize your listening experience and accompany you anywhere with music that’s truly yours.

    Rediscover JBL’s legendary sound, crafted for epic experiences wherever and whenever. These new audio essentials are tailored to you, meeting your ever-evolving needs, optimized for an active, on-the-go lifestyle, and designed to enhance fun — whether you’re enjoying blissful escapes with friends or refreshing moments of self-enjoyment.

     It’s time for an upgrade! Here are the latest drops you simply cannot miss:

    JBL Soundgear Frames: Sound meets innovation and style

    Reframe your life with the new Soundgear Frames, where fashion meets sound. These audio glasses promise to change not only the way you hear the world but also how you are seen in it. Crafted from cutting-edge thermoplastic materials, these sleek, flexible, lightweight frames, with a unique translucent design, offer all-day comfort. Choose from three on-trend colors—Onyx, Pearl, and Amber—and two interchangeable frame styles to complement your personal style.

    With ultra-thin speakers powered by JBL OpenSound technology, they deliver immersive audio while keeping you aware of your surroundings. The user-friendly interface also allows for easy control: simply open the temples to activate the speakers, and tap the JBL logo for various functions. With 8 hours of playtime, customizable settings, and water resistance, the Soundgear Frames are perfect for anywhere — from the office to the beach and beyond!

    JBL Live 3 Series: Great sound has never been simpler

    Enjoy simplicity in technology with the new JBL Smart Charging Case, an innovative expansion to the JBL Live 3 Earbuds series. Featuring the Live Beam 3 closed-stick earbuds, Live Flex 3 open-stick earbuds, and Live Buds 3 bud-type earbuds, all these true-wireless, noise-canceling essentials allow users to customize their sound without ever having to look at their phones. Navigate everything from the Smart Charging Case — from adjusting the volume and EQ, controlling the music, taking phone calls, receiving messages, and even customizing the screensaver! And that’s before you even get to enjoy JBL’s monumental Signature Sound and Spatial Sound technology.

    Built with True Adaptive Noise Canceling features, the Live 3 Series can tune out distractions wherever you are, while ensuring perfect sound quality during calls thanks to its 6 built-in mics. Enjoy wireless charging and a total playback of 48 hours for the Live Beam 3, 50 hours for the Live Flex 3, and 40 hours for the Live Buds 3.

    Not sure which suits you best? Explore the JBL Fit Checker to find the perfect pair based on your ear fit and listening taste. Scan your ears at and find out!

    JBL PartyBox: Superior sound and ever-greater parties

    Redefine entertainment with the new PartyBox Stage 320 and PartyBox Club 120! These upgraded portable speakers let you party outside the box with powerful Pro Sound and AI Sound Boost, ensuring optimal acoustic output for any occasion. Connect multiple speakers effortlessly via Auracast™ and unleash your inner rockstar with PartyBox Wireless Microphones and guitar inputs.

    Connect the PartyLights Stick and Beam for a dynamic light show that pulses to the rhythm, transforming any gathering into a vibrant event. With the PartyLights Stick extending the visual spectacle from the PartyBox to encompass the entire stage, immerse your audience in a mesmerizing display of lights that are perfectly synchronized to your music.

    Opt for the PartyBox Stage 320 with its telescopic handle and sturdy wheels or the Club 120 featuring an ergonomic handle, which offers up to 18 and 12 hours of continuous use, respectively. Need more time? No worries! Enhance your setup with replaceable batteries, available separately, to keep the vibe going strong!


    For portable fun, grab the PartyBox On-The-Go Essential. It features 100 watts of Pro Sound, built-in lights, and a wireless mic, plus a range of convenient features like a bottle opener, padded shoulder strap, and IPX4 splash-proof protection. Let the music take you wherever you go!

    Stay tuned: there’s more coming your way!

    In addition to the new Soundgear Series, Live 3 Series, and PartyBox Series, JBL is dropping more top-notch products to complement your listening experience in other areas of life. The Tune 310C in-ear headphones with USB-C compatibility are ideal everyday companions at work, at home, and on the road. Meanwhile, the ultra-portable Go 4 and Clip 5 speakers are perfect for hikes, camping trips, and other roving activities, while the powerful Xtreme 4 speaker, with its deep bass, creates the perfect lounge party vibes.

    At home, elevate your TV experience with the sleek Cinema SB510 and Cinema SB550 soundbars, delivering movie-theater quality sound. Additionally, explore the new gaming peripherals under the JBL Quantum lineup, including the Quantum Stream Studio, Quantum Stream Talk, Quantum Stream Wireless (Lightning), Quantum Stream Wireless (USB-C), and Quantum 50 C — each designed to enhance your gaming setup with precision audio and seamless connectivity.

    “At JBL, our patrons come first, so we always strive to stay in tune with them. We desire people to experience music in the way that they want, instead of the other way around. This is why we are launching a new variety of audio essentials to cater to our clientele’s evolving and sophisticated tastes at price points they can afford—without compromising quality,” shares Larry Secreto, country manager of Harman International.

    A brand synonymous with high quality, innovation, and cutting-edge audio technology, JBL sets the standard for premium sound experiences made for everyone. This July, witness the launch of audio essentials that cater to the needs and desires of the Filipino market. From audio glasses to true wireless noise-canceling earbuds and party speakers, explore the latest additions to the brand’s extensive range—crafted to deliver sound that’s truly yours.

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