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Beko Washing Machines’ Aquawave Technology

Regular wear and tear is natural, but your washing machine may be contributing to the rapid aging of your clothes. Yes, keeping your clothes fresh and new is a must, but constant washes tend to take a toll on the color and fabric of even the best of our clothes. In a world where first impressions last, it’s hard to pull off a pleasing presence with color-faded, stitching frayed, and old looking clothes.

Beko, one of Europe’s most popular appliance brands, recognizes that the degrading of  clothing quality isn’t just caused by the detergents we use, or how our clothes our handled, but is also because of  the washing machines we use. In attempt to solve this, Beko has developed the Aquawave Technology that’s better suited to effectively yet gently wash clothing. Inspired by nature’s  gentle and effective motion of waves, Beko’s innovative technology is able to further preserve clothing quality.

In order for the garments to be effectively yet gently washed, Beko has incorporated into its washing machines a specially sculpted drum that carries the laundry like a wave. Joining this are  paddles that assist in smooth movement, as well as a curved door glass that enhances the mixing effect, thus reducing the need to consume more energy.

“We understand how important it is for people to preserve their clothes. As a leading brand of home and lifestyle improvement solutions, Beko aims to be the official partner of the everyday by addressing the many needs of our customers,” said Dyeun Zapanta, Beko Philippines sales, and marketing head. “Our innovative technologies are a result of our understanding of the needs of today’s consumers.”

Already on its second year, Beko continues to strengthen its local presence as it offers products that meet Filipino needs. For more information on Beko,  like the Beko Philippines fan page (@BekoPH) or visit their website at www.beko.ph.