Immunize yourself from cyberthreats with free ESET internet security

    TechnologyCybersecurityImmunize yourself from cyberthreats with free ESET internet security

    After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic, the global community experienced an unprecedented reaction that continues to impact everyone, including the world economy. To curb the spread of the virus, travel bans quarantines, social distancing and, ultimately, lockdowns have been declared by many countries, including the Philippines. 

    As the pandemic forces the majority of the workforce to stay at home, many will be exposing their company and personal devices to greater risk as they leave the safety and security of the workplace. The situation reveals that many are guilty of poor cybersecurity hygiene, and with the increase of cyber-attacks, “thinking before clicking” will not be a sufficient nor effective preventive measure. 

    To extend the safety measures inherent in corporate settings to individual homes, internet security company ESET, with its official distributor B1G2 Technologies, will be giving away free antivirus to the general public. This is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility and commitment to making the digital world more secure. With ESET, anyone working at home can  securely perform online activities to maintain productivity while minimizing the risk of malware infection that can disrupt business operations.

    Having security software installed on your device is the first step to securing your data and other sensitive information. In times like these, reliable security is a must. Now, with ESET security installed, you can work at ease and browse the internet worry-free.

    To claim your free license, send a private message on ESET’s Facebook page to receive a three-month premium subscription of ESET Internet Security.  Visit their Facebook page: and enjoy safer technology.

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