Home Technology Enterprise This IT startup changes the way businesses digitalize in the Philippines

This IT startup changes the way businesses digitalize in the Philippines

Delivering IT solutions for industry players of all sizes, the once university project has grown into one of the country’s leading IT solutions provider and website development firms.

Founded by Claire Ongcangco and Miko Cornejo in 2009, the Concept Machine was originally the duo’s university project that offers digital solutions to businesses in getting their messages out loud and clear in the digital space. At present, the full-service internet technology firm focus on core business competencies and keep abreast of trends in a rapidly developing landscape. Their services include web design and development, technology venture consultancy, mobile and Facebook application development, user experience and interface design, database system management and content management, multimedia design, photography and illustration, cloud-based hosting, and general IT consultancy.

To  regularly manage and maintain business websites with ease, Concept Machine developed its own Content Management System (CMS) which can be accessed by their clients.

Concept Machine’s services are additionally uniquely bespoke, with every effort made to ensure each project is tailor fit and custom built to serve its clients’ business needs. Before
starting a project, the founders themselves take clients through brainstorming, working with them closely to garner a deeper understanding of the brand and its campaign objectives before execution.

“We started young, and that is one of our key advantages,” adds Claire Ongcangco, CEO, Concept Machine. “We make sure that we keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest trends in technology.” Claire additionally teaches IT Entrepreneurship in the Ateneo de Manila University.

The startup has served big names from consumer goods, nightlife and entertainment, law firms, government, banking and multi-industry conglomerates. Among these are ABS-CBN Corporation, Yuchengco Group of Companies, and PNB Savings Bank.