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edotco and ISOC Infrastructure enters partnership to improve Philippines’ telecommunications industry

The regional end-to-end integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company edotco and ISOC Infrastructure Inc. venture together to developthe Philippines’ telecommunications infrastructure.

The partnership aims to build common cell towers and introduce next-generation tower solutions that will enhance mobile network services in the country. This project will increase the deployment of the country’s cell towers, catering to more subscribers and reaching far-flung areas and municipalities.

edotco and ISOC have recently signed agreements with Globe and Smart in the past months to initiate efforts in providing better connectivity to 108 million Filipinos.

From left to right: edotco country managing director William Walters, edotco Group CEO Suresh Sidhu, DICT Undersecretary for Operations Eliseo Rio, ISOC Holdings Inc. chairman Michael Cosiquien, and ISOC Holdings Inc. president Jess Chua.

“Infrastructure sharing has proven to help mobile network operators focus on their core business and service offerings by alleviating the cost pressure of building and maintaining towers. We believe that the right sharable infrastructure will be able to meet the current demands for affordable and reliable connectivity in the country. Partnering with local leading players is a key strategy for us to ensure we are meeting the country’s specific needs and we see this collaboration with ISOC as a catalyst to enable the transformation within the Philippines telecommunications sector and lay the right foundation for the country’s digital readiness,” said Suresh Sidhu, CEO, edotco. He also shared that they are very encouraged by the proposed tower sharing guidelines by the DICT showcasing their commitment to facilitate the tower sharing roll out in the country. He believes that with Edotco’s best practices and regional benchmarks, as well as ISOC’s local expertise, the companies’ vision of transforming the local telecommunications infrastructure landscape is feasible.

Across its footprint, edotco has implemented a diverse range of solutions to bring reliable connectivity and deliver a positive impact to the communities in its operating markets. The company has been deepening its commitment to the region by ensuring the right sharable infrastructure is constructed and managed to enable seamless connectivity. Its growing partnerships with local corporations are also a testament to its commitment of addressing the digital gaps and creating the right environment for the nation’s digital transformation.