Enabling business continuity through Teleperformance digital solutions

    With Covid-19 disrupting business operations around the world, and people everywhere practicing social distancing, companies have been forced to reconsider how work gets done. Many businesses have opted to continue their operations through work-at-home arrangements. Yet these companies continue to face the challenge of providing an excellent customer experience to their clients while having to deal with the reality of limited resources while working at home. 

    As companies adjust to the new reality, digital interactions are alternatives that can provide human connection when customers need it the most. Teleperformance, a global leader in digital business solutions, is already helping companies overcome the operational difficulties posed by Covid-19 through a variety of services that blend high-tech platforms with more personalized high-touch support.

    To effectively manage call volume spikes and optimize live customer service agent performance, Teleperformance recommends blending on-site and work-at-home interaction experts to ensure scalability during peak seasons, as well as to leverage automation tools like bots and chat services to offload simple and repetitive tasks. This makes digital interactions more efficient and productive during this challenging period for better customer experience management.  

    Processes automation for faster enablement of work-at-home agents

    Automation at Teleperformance is much more than technology. The team uses technology to assist each employee, enabling them to perform their tasks in a quicker, smarter and more accurate manner. ​

    With digital transformation of processes through automation, Teleperformance delivers empowered agents where robots execute tasks on behalf of the agent or customer, such as when placing an order or filling in information in different systems. This helps to enhance productivity and accuracy in processes and, along with reductions in average handling time and increases in accuracy, results in more satisfied customers.

    Process automation can easily be applied for any company as Teleperformance can help businesses assess their current environment, develop a customized plan that ensures data security, maintaining key performance indicators, and managing the implementation. Process automation can help significantly increase capacity during this period, while providing more effective and efficient call management.

    Instant messaging helps customers connect quickly

    When transitioning to a work-at-home model, instant messaging is another essential tool to provide excellent customer service. Combining live and asynchronous interactions helps agents resolve issues faster and delivers better customer experience.  

    In addition, text analytics tools can scan chat content to detect patterns or trends in keywords. These help support teams generate a knowledge base for common issues that can be used to deflect simple, repetitive inquiries and feed the chat automation workflow.

    “Teleperformance has always been about people first. It is during this time of crisis that people need support and empathy the most; they need to be able to connect to essential services. We at Teleperformance help our partners improve their business continuity leveraging our digital solutions to deliver the same level of operational consistency and quality, and our work-at-home model that operates in a highly secure working environment,” said Teleperformance Philippines chief operations officer Mike Lytle.

    “This model not only provides business continuity, but offers long-term business agility and resilience by providing the flexibility needed to plan for seasonal peaks, calamities, or health crises like the current pandemic,” Lytle shared.  

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