Filipino businesses can add a human touch to customer communications through Infobip’s ‘Moments’

    Global cloud communications platform Infobip recently launched Moments, an omnichannel customer engagement hub that enables Filipino businesses to better understand and reach today’s connected consumer.

    As the pandemic accelerates the digital adoption of the Philippine market, the omnichannel environment is becoming ever more competitive with the great inrush of businesses shifting online. With the influx of brands reaching out to customers every day, Filipinos are expecting personalized and relevant messaging from their preferred brands.

    ‘Moments’ helps businesses create and activate highly effective campaigns that will resonate with customers on a personal level by providing a 360 view of the customer and unifying today’s most popular communications applications onto one platform. These include chat apps (Viber, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk, etc), SMS, email, voice, mobile apps, websites, and emerging channels such as rich communication services (RCS). This enables businesses from different sectors, especially in e-commerce, retail, finance, insurance, transportation and logistics, and utilities to connect with their customers on their preferred channels.

    Charist Montenegro, country manager, Infobip Philippines, notes: “With the quarantine restrictions requiring businesses with physical stores to either close or reduce their foot traffic, many businesses are now focused on building and strengthening their online platforms and operations. As businesses digitize to navigate the new normal and anticipate the ‘-Ber’ month holiday preparations, they are met with unfamiliar challenges in effective omnichannel communication such as understanding which messaging will be most relevant with online audiences, what platforms do they use and how they use it, and when is the most strategic time to reach out to them. All these considerations, if overlooked, can yield low conversions.”

    While customer interactions may have become digital, Montenegro emphasized the importance of still adding a human touch to attract and keep customers. “Businesses need to remember that their customers are human. They respond to being called by their name, having their context and realities understood and acknowledged, and being approached in a way that is respectful, empathetic, and compassionate. Moments can help organizations connect on a deeper and more human level across different platforms, building more meaningful relationships with customers,” she noted. 

    Key features of Moments include:

    Easy cross-channel campaign management: Allows marketers to create, orchestrate, and run campaigns across Infobip’s vast portfolio of channels through a single interface. Messaging campaigns can be delivered and scaled at the right time on the customer’s preferred and most relevant channel. 

    Unified customer data: Creates richer customer profiles by connecting and unifying data from multiple sources, enabling businesses to understand customer needs better and create personalized campaigns. 

    Smarter audience segmentation: Personalize messaging campaigns at scale by segmenting audiences based on events, tags, behavior, or special occasions. 

    Dynamic marketing automation: The ability to onboard, activate, and re-engage via multi-step campaign automation, and create an event and behavior-based triggers to respond instantly to customers’ actions. 

    Powerful analytics: Through event and segment analytics, businesses can optimize customer interactions by setting goals to track conversions and access insight-driven funnel reports. There is also the ability to test which messages and channels get maximum engagement results with A/B testing. 

    Adrian Benic, VP-products, Infobip, concludes: “The launch signifies our goal to personalize communications in today’s connected era where most people are consuming through an app or a mobile phone. This starts by creating the moments, engaging in them, and then turning that into a relationship through conversations. We’re here to help marketers embrace the digital transformation required not just for now, but in the future.” 

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