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    Here’s why the ‘cloud’ is key to business continuity and growth

    TechnologyEnterpriseHere's why the 'cloud' is key to business continuity and growth

    The emergence of cloud services in the digital era is developing at an incredible pace. Locally, cloud computing is expected to account for 13% of the Philippine IT services market by 2020, driven by government agencies and SMEs, according to a BMI Research report. Businesses that have started adopting cloud service have seen productivity improvements in their operations and, many other companies are expected to follow suit. 

    With the evolving workplace environment, the cloud is proving to be an ideal solution for every enterprise. Eastern Communications, one of the premier telecommunications companies in the country, lists down some reasons why the cloud can be an asset for your business’ continuity and growth.

    Work flexibility

    Cloud storage allows users to store files so members of an organization could access it anytime and anywhere. This is of particular significance now that companies have started implementing a skeletal work force or work from home arrangements due to the threat of COVID-19.

    Businesses can continue performing tasks from any location and conveniently access necessary data as long as an internet connection is available. The cloud allows employees to manage their workflows better with easier communication and team collaboration while accessing data from a central location. This can prevent organizations from halting operations even in challenging situations such as work suspensions and calamities.

    Cost efficiency

    Simply put, businesses save huge amounts of money by investing on cloud storage services. The purchase cost ensures maximum utilization of the budget allocated for the software requirements of a business. Overhead is the responsibility of the service provider. This big cut on overhead expenses could be used instead for business expansion.

    Secure data backup 

    Official work files contain a lot of essential information. From images to documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, it is necessary for businesses to keep a secure copy and backup of these files. It is not advisable for businesses to depend solely on external servers and drives, or on printed documents for data storage since these are prone to data corruption. By storing data in the cloud, businesses are guaranteed file safety. Data loss is no longer a concern even during uncontrolled environmental hazards such as natural calamities or accidents. Data is saved safely in the cloud. 

    Data Protection

    Through a virtual environment, cloud services provide protection in the event of primary operations failure. It does not only store data but also protects it from untoward situations. Cloud services offer ease of mind so businesses would not have to worry about permanent loss of critical data, a service that Eastern Cloud-based Disaster Recovery provides.

    Increased productivity

    Cloud storage frees up spaces from resources such as desktops and servers. Having a clean, uncluttered, and well-organized workplace helps reduce waste while optimizing productivity. It is also useful for employees who work from home as necessary files would be accessible from the comfort of their home, making them as productive as they are when in office. 

    With the fast-changing business environment, cloud services make it easier for companies to access data and information more efficiently. It is also important to choose the right service provider for a reliable and satisfactory cloud experience for your business. Eastern Cloud is one of Eastern Communications’ latest ICT solutions offering a world-class method of storing and sharing company data and applications securely over the Internet, hence advancing overall business performance.   

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