Seagate Rebrands Enterprise Line

    Seagate, a leading manufacturer of data storage solutions, announced last March 13, 2018 its reintroduction of its enterprise line into Exos and Nytro at the Crowne Plaza in Pasig City.

    The enterprise line is segmented into Exos for hard disk drives and Nytro for its solid-state drives.

    The Exos X is Seagate’s flagship series of hard drives featuring the greatest efficiency and highest storage densities available. It is available in 12 TB and 10 TB variants, the X12 and X10 respectively, and features Seagate’s PowerBalance, PowerChoice, RAID Rebuild and Advance Write Cache technologies.

    The Exos E is the series with the broadest range of capabilities, offering great value and dependability. The 3.5-inch Exos drives carry up to 8 TB of storage and has a read/write speed of up to 249 MB per second. The 2.5-inch drives on the other hand can carry up to 2 TB of storage and has a faster performance of up to 315 MB per second.

    Both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drive Exos E drive series are enabled with PowerBalance, PowerChoice and Advance Write Cache technologies with the 2.5-inch drive supporting TurboBoost functionality.

    The Nytro series offers fast performance, lower latency and reduced power consumption through its SSD drive that carries up to 1.9 TB with 560 MB per second write speed.

    The rebranding is part of Seagate’s road map to increase presence and grow revenue in the next five fiscal years, focusing on emerging markets and the advent of IT 4.0.

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