150MB App Store Downloads Now Possible via Cellular

    TechnologyEverything Apple150MB App Store Downloads Now Possible via Cellular

    The recently released iOS 11 now allows for bigger App Store downloads. Previously, capping of singular app downloads was set at only 100MB when on Cellular. Now, users may enjoy the slightly increased 150MB limit once they upgrade to the latest iOS.

    In an announcement dated September 19, Apple noted to its developers that it had increased the cellular download limit to let customers enjoy more apps over their cellular network. As it is will only really benefit direct downloads from devices with a SIM, users who have yet to upgrade can still benefit from a limitless app download size if they have spare cellular-capable device that they can use to tether (Personal hotspot sharing).

    The app count in the App Store still continue to skyrocket in number, and existing apps and games are starting to roll out bigger updates to take advantage of new screen sizes of recently announced iDevices. The new per-app ceiling comes as good news for those looking to download larger apps and games. And since there are apps that are distributed in universal binaries that hold Retina assets designed for multiple devices, the updated ceiling also comes as good news for developers.

    From the original cellular limit of 10MB per app download, we’ve seen incremental jumps to 50MB, 100MB, and now 150MB. It’s been four years since the limit was last increased, and we’re still looking forward to uncapped app downloads that don’t require Wi-Fi beyond 150MB.

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