Apple Showcases Animoji Karaoke in their Latest Ad

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    Recently, the American consumer tech company has just released its newest flagship phone namely the Iphone X. As part of their marketing strategy, Apple made a series of advertisements that inform the consumers about the latest features of its latest product. Among the list that is both odd and attractive is the Animoji.

    True to its name, Animoji synchronizes the facial movements of the user to an “emoji” just like how Snapchat and Messenger filter works. However, other creative netizens have used the feature by lip-syncing their favorite songs. It is currently called as “Animoji Karaoke” and has now become a trend in the United States.

    Users can also choose other “emojis” from the selection and dub their voices.

    You can watch the whole advertisement below to see how it works:

    Source: The Verge

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