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EVERYTHING APPLE: iOS 7: 10 New Features


Ever since iOS 7 was first announced during the WWDC-Apple’s annual worldwide developers’ conference in June-it was widely anticipated, all because it was described to be the most dramatic upgrade yet. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook described it as “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.

When it finally arrived on September 18, every person with an iOS device waited with bated breath as the new operating system downloaded and updated on his or her device. At restart, it was like getting a brand new device altogether-the look and the way it works felt totally new.


1.  A whole new look

iOS 7 comes with a major design overhaul: the icons have been redesigned, with softer colorations, transparency effects, and more animations. The new design has cleaner lines, is simpler, and is more streamlined. Although I personally like the fresh new look, some people may need a little more time to adjust to the new appearance and topography.


2 . Control Center

This is an all-new feature. It opens with just a finger swipe from the bottom of the screen. You can then toggle Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and Screen Lock. You can also play or stop music, control volume, use your iPhone as a flashlight, open the calculator or camera app, access your clock, and share files using Airdrop. (Note: Airdrop is not available on the iPad 3, iPhone 4s, and older devices.)


3. Notification Center

The updated version opens the same way as before-with a finger-swipe from the top of the screen on the home page. The notification center is organized in three different views-the “Today” view shows you your calendar and reminders. Tap the “AII”tab and you will get the latest notifications from the apps you have set to send you notifications. Unread notifications end up in the”Missed”tab.

4. Organizing Apps in Folders

Grouping apps in folders is not new, but in iOS 7, you can now group as many apps as you want in one folder, so you can actually have all of your apps in just one homepage.


5. Force-closing apps

You can see all running apps by double-tapping the home button (all devices) or by 4-finger swiping from the bottom of the screen (iPad). Now force closing  any running app can be fun-all you need to do is flick it off the screen!

6. Automatic app updating

Now you don’t have to go to the App Store page to press the update button manually. iOS 7 will do it for you in the background as soon as a new update becomes available.

7. Face Time Audio

If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can save your mobile minutes by using Face Time Audio. Just open the Face Time app, select the person you want to talk to and select the phone icon.


8. New camera features

You can choose from four camera modes: Video, Photo, Square and Pano, and the Camera app now comes with a selection of nine filters that you can apply while taking the photo or after. What’s more, you can now take photos that are perfect for lnstagram posting using the Square photo mode. Taking a panoramic photo is like taking a video. Just swipe to select the Pano option, tap the camera button and pan across-making sure you keep the guide line centered-tap the button again to stop, and the app automatically stitches everything into one beautiful photo.

9. New ways to search

Where before you had to swipe to the leftmost homepage to search your device, now you can open search by swiping down from mid-screen on any home screen. In Safari, the search and address filed box have been unified so you can type your search question and the web address in the same field box.


10. Dynamic wallpapers

If you want a little animation in your device, you can select one of the dynamic wallpapers and set it as your home screen or lock screen or both. The animated wallpapers have bubbles that move around your screen depending on how you tilt your device.

In the end, it still boils down to a great user experience. The new features make the devices more interesting and more fun to use and the design overhaul gives iOS a fresh new look.



First published in Gadgets Magazine, October 2013

Words by Presy Alba