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    Apple’s AR world is hands down both amazing and pragmatic. If in the past AR apps were used merely as means to enjoy a fleeting novelty, things were far different from what they are now. With the dawn of ARkit, Apple has enabled app developers to easily create AR apps that go beyond fun and games. Here, we take a look at what defines Apple ARkit, and the wonders created through it.

    How can something manifest visually without actually being there? Through AR. Yes, a ton of AR/VR apps have existed in almost all platforms, but it’s the first time we’re seeing more of it on mobile devices. And since people are always glued to their phones, it makes sense to integrate AR to mobiles we always carry around, for wide accessibility.

    The wonders of AR apps are infinite, and have the likings of future technology. Beyond games, they’re actually skyrocketing people to a pragmatic future. Imagine sitting in front of an empty plate in a restaurant and finding yourself curious about how your dish will look like beyond its 2D render. You pick up your phone, open an app, and see right in front of you, the actual dish viewed in all its 360-degree glory. Or imagine you’re in a tour and wish to know more about a location or an art piece. Merely pointing your phone on a certain subject will give you additional information about it. For homes, imagine seeing how actual furniture might look like by marrying them to scale. Think of accurately measuring objects, or even a room, and creating a true-to-life 3D render without any effort.

    What exactly is AR?
    Augmented reality or AR has been a around for a long time, but it wasn’t only recently that it commercially matured. We’ve seen plenty of VR implementations across different gaming consoles. If virtual reality (VR) headsets transpose you to whole different reality, AR technology complements your vision by blending reality with virtual objects.

    Previously, glasses and other accessories were required to access the world of augmented reality. Now, cellphone manufacturers like Apple are making it available in their mobile phones through merging high-end specs, software and AR platforms. Built directly into iOS11, Apple’s AR technology features a plethora of new apps and games. Simply downloading these apps and using your cellphone camera will allow you to peek into the world of augmented reality and will even make it possible for you to interact with virtual objects.

    The infinite uses of Apple AR
    Apple’s ARkit has enabled developers to take full advantage of Apple devices’ computing power and smart sensors.

    AR technology is being used for fun and games, but beyond that, it is also being used for productivity, education, shopping, and health apps. With AR technology now merged into iPhones and iPads, virtual worlds can be viewed wherever you point your phone.

    Tidbits of AR apps
    IKEA Place
    IKEA has become a popular furniture brand due to its competitive pricing and elegant pieces. If you’ve ever wondered how a certain piece of furniture might look like in your home, then the IKEA Place app is something you’d definitely want download right this instance. The app allows you to seamlessly drop coffee tables, chairs, beds, couches, and everything else that IKEA sells right into the virtual world. Pointing your camera will reveal the object, and no matter how you move the camera, the furniture will stay exactly where you dropped it and at the same accurate scale as the one that can be readily purchased. Lazada and other resellers now sell IKEA furniture, so if you’re up for some interior decorating all from the comfort of your home, then this is the app for you.

    Many find it a hassle to measure things in the house, especially when planning a reconstruction. Right when users open the the Magicplan application, they’re presented with various tools like a grid and a virtual pin that enables them to readily measure dimensions without any hassle. An additional feature allows users to instantly create a floor plan with just a few taps.

    Night Sky
    Stars are a spectacle to look at. If before we had apps that we could point in the sky to reveal star maps and constellations, the updated version of Night Sky kicks it up a notch and now features a whole new stargazing experience. The app gives highlight to the stars with the aid of AR. Like other AR apps, Night Sky utilizes the phone’s camera: simply pointing your phone in the sky will reveal a map of stars based on location and movement.

    Also published in Gadgets Magazine 2018 issue
    Words by Gerry Gaviola

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