Free power? Sure. Give it a few more years.

    One of the basic problems of computing is that it requires power. No matter how long the battery life on your phone is, no matter how  many power packs you carry along with you, you’re going to run out of juice at some point. However, he researchers over at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta are creating small, highly-efficient batteries that recharge themselves through movement. It basically uses a bunch of hard-to-pronounce materials that can generate and keep charge by getting flexed, moved around and squished, such as what happens  to our soles when we walk. The voltages produced are quite low at the moment, but improvements are already being thought up. Once this piece of tech becomes a practical reality, we may finally see the age of devices that we won’t ever have to plug into a wall outlet ever again. For a more technical explanation, grab your thick glasses and head over HERE.


    (Image from the American Chemical Society)

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