Fast-Growing, Filipino-Owned E-Commerce Company Showcases Impressive Growth in Sales and Acquisition and Poised for Expansion

    Manila, 02 May 2018— Since its launch in November 2017, Filipino-owned e-commerce company, Adobomall, has shown impressive growth with a 400% increase in merchant partners, over 1.2M page views, and yielding an average ‘basket size’ of P1,661 – one of the highest within the industry’s standards.

    In its first year of establishment, Adobomall has been focused on growing its merchant portfolio, with the site now boasting more than 600 brand partners, clearly on track to hit its target of 2,000 brands by the end of 2018, which would make it the largest online shopping destination for authentic brands in the country.

    The company’s focus on partnering with only authentic brands and official distributors has played a major role in driving customer-acquisition growth with the website experiencing over 1.2M page views to date and is projected to grow this number to more than 5.3M new users by the end of the year. This has in-turn translated to higher yields for the company as average basket-size or purchase of consumers per transaction is at Php 1,661. Higher-than-average basket sizes and the increasing volume of daily transactions have allowed the company to achieve a 2,000% growth in sales since its establishment.

    The birth of Adobomall was in-line with the goal to disrupt the norms of the online shopping experience in the Country. Our goal was to create a platform where brands are given the space to innovate and personalize their spaces just as they do in the offline space, and for consumers, it is to provide them with a destination where they can find authentic products, and have a shopping experience offered by no other player in the market”, shares Mr. Walt Young, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Adobomall.  “Making the online shopping experience a lot more fulfilling is what drives everything that we do, and the start of this is ensuring that only real products straight from brands and their official distributors, are sold on Adobomall”, he adds.

    The company is already accessible nationwide, and caters to consumers internationally. Moreover, in-line with their vision of using technology to further push the boundaries in the online shopping experience, Adobomall is poised to launch key innovations within 2018.  “Our own data supports current industry trends that online spending will continue to increase across categories such as electronics, mobile goods and travel. Internet connectivity and accessibility to cheaper mobile phone and data packages will play an integral role in shifting consumer behaviour to be more comfortable with online shopping. As the advancements in user interface and e-commerce technologies improve, consumers will increasingly become more omni-channel in their approach to shopping and have higher standards when it comes to technology-enabled experiences. As such, the company has already invested in developing proprietary solution to allow the use of adaptive technology, data analytics, and augmented reality in 2017”, Mr. Young confirms.

    Apart from focusing on all-authentic products, Adobomall also takes pride on being the first 100% Filipino online shopping site. On a personal level, the Founder and CEO of Adobomall has big ambitions to create the next top-tier technology company from Southeast Asia, wanting to make the Country known globally for its talent and potential in providing technological innovations. In 2018, the company also has plans to feature home-grown products that showcase Filipino talent and heritage.

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