Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro reviewed

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    Razer has been the go-to sidekick for most pro gamers, as they offer great gear with stellar performance. Let’s check out the new Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro.

    Design: 4/5

    The Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro carries on most of the design elements from its predecessors. Made for mid to large-sized hands, slight ergonomic changes include repositioned side buttons, improved shape to allow a more comfortable grip, and additional ledges for better finger support.

    One noticeable change from the V2 Pro is the lack of the two middle buttons and the removal of Razer Chroma lighting. Razer notes that these were removed for a more minimalist look, but it also removes a bit of additional weight. The current model is just 63g light, a whole 25g lighter than the previous model, and one of the lightest in the market.

    As for the button layout, there are five customizable buttons: the left, scroll, and right clickers, and the two additional buttons on the left side of the mouse. The DPI button is now shared with the Power button beneath the mouse. While it’s great to minimize the buttons on top, if you’re a multi-genre gamer changing DPI can be a hassle when switching games.

    Hardware: 4.5/5

    Underneath the shell is where Razer pumped up the upgrades. The Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro is now fitted with Razer’s Focus Pro 30K Optical sensor. Razer claims that it offers 99.8% accuracy making it the most precise optical sensor on the market to date.

    As the name suggests, the Focus Pro 30K sensor also allows a max DPI of 30,000, currently the highest in the market. It can also handle max acceleration of 70G and provide a max speed of 750 IPS. This mouse is not only fast but also highly accurate, perfect for those clutch moments in games.

    Another consequence of the upgraded sensor is the much more efficient battery life. The DeathAdder V3 Pro is rated up to 90hrs of use. In practice, the mouse exceeds its promised times. During the month I was using the mouse, I only needed to charge it three times.

    Razer also upgraded the switches to their Optical Gen-3, now rated for 90M clicks. Then there’s also the shift from Micro USB to USB Type-C.

    User Experience: 4/5

    One of the first things I noticed when I took the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro out of the box was its weight. I’ve seen my fair share of mice, and the only thing comparable in weight are the cheap plastic mice sold online. It is so light it seems its box is even a bit heavier. The light body is great for FPS games that demand fast and wide movements to compensate for lower DPI and in-game sensitivity.

    Despite an extremely light body, the mouse comes with a punch. The hardware inside does deliver, especially during intense “clutch” moments in Valorant. If you don’t believe me, ask Korean Pro Kim “Stax” Gu-taek, who pulled off one of the most impressive clutch plays in the recent Valorant Champions in Istanbul.

    Also, given that the mouse is built for mid-large sized hands, I needed a few days to grow accustomed to the size and feel of the mouse. For people with small hands or are left-handed, while the DeathAdder V3 Pro is satisfactory, perhaps the Razer Viper is a better option as it is smaller and has an ambidextrous design.

    The one thing I didn’t like about the mouse was the DPS integration into the power button. As someone who plays many different games, constantly switching DPS is a hassle. You need to turn the mouse around and press the cycle through your presets. Using Razer’s Synapse software offers a workaround, but that entails an extra step instead of just pressing a button on the mouse.

    Value: 3.5/5

    Coming in at around PHP8,500, the Razer DeathAdder v3 Pro is one of the most expensive gaming mice on the market. I can see why Razer would price it that way; the lightness, hardware, and battery life all give this mouse an advantage over the rest of the competition.

    • Sensor: Razer Focus Pro 30K Optical
    • Sensitivity/DPI: 100 – 30,000 DPI
    • Max Acceleration: 70G
    • Max Speed: 750 IPS
    • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz (upgradeable to 4000 Hz)
    • Switch type: Razer Optical Gen-3 (rated up to 90M clicks)
    • Number of buttons: 6 (5-programmable)
    • Weight: 63g
    • Connectivity: USB Type-C, 2.4 GHz
    What’s Hot:
    • Extremely light
    • Amazing Battery life
    • Fastest sensor currently on the market
    What’s Not:
    • Shape and size are not for everyone
    • Changing DPS can be tricky.

    The Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro is definitely the best gaming mouse if you have the cash.

    Reviewed by Gabriel Pe
    Also published in Gadgets Magazine October 2022 Issue.

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