Reviewed: Beko WDW 85143 8-KG Front Load Washer-Dryer

    When I moved into my own place way back in 2001, I went shopping for a washer-dryer combo, thinking it would be perfect for the cozy 40-sqm unit. It was, and I enjoyed “adulting”—which included doing my own laundry. Eventually, however, I moved to a larger space with room for live-in help and a clothesline, so continuing to use a high-tech washer-dryer seemed uneconomical. Will the new Beko WDW 85143 convince me otherwise?

    Design: 4/5

    Typical of white line appliances, the Beko WDW 85143 is a simple white metal box with a
    porthole-like see-through loading door in the middle. In the upper front portion are the detergent trays on the left, the program selection knob in the middle, and the display panel on the right. At the back are the power cable, main water inlet hose, and water discharge hose. The feet are adjustable to ensure that the machine is balanced for smooth operation and minimize noise and vibration. Special shock absorbers, enhanced cabinet insulation, and an S-shaped side wall design all contribute to minimizing washing noise.

    Hardware: 4/5

    At the heart of any washing machine/dryer is its motor, and the Beko WDW 85143 is powered by a frictionless, variable-speed ProSmart Inverter Motor that promises energy efficient operation at low noise levels. Three sensors—the temperature sensor, wash and spin speed sensor, and foam sensor—automatically monitor and select the right program for your laundry. A fourth sensor for power protection helps prolong machine life.

    Gentle yet effective washing is achieved through Beko’s AquaWave technology which consists of a special drum pattern design, paddles, and the curved glass door—all working together for better mixing effect and increased washing performance. Meanwhile, AquaFusion technology contributes to cost savings by sealing the tub outlet until the rinse cycle so detergent is not lost through the drain during the wash cycle.

    User Experience: 4/5

    What impressed me most about the Beko WDW 85143 was its quiet operation. With the feet properly balanced, even the most rigorous drying cycle was barely audible. This means you can actually do your laundry even late at night, without waking your housemates.

    The Beko WDW 85143 has a host of programs to address your varied laundry requirements. There are 9 options for washing programs and 5 for drying programs. Additionally, there are auxiliary functions to address special needs such as Prewash for heavily soiled laundry, Quickwash for faster washing time and fewer rinsing steps, and Extra Rinse for babies and people with sensitive skin.

    With all the options to choose from, it’s quite a challenge remembering and deciding which program would be best for a particular set of laundry. Personally, I think the most convenient option is the 5 kg Wash & Dry program as all you have to do is pop in your laundry up to the level arrow inside the drum, put in your detergent and fabric softener in the appropriate trays, and press Start. Then you can forget about the task until it’s time to take out your clean, nice-smelling, freshly-laundered dry clothes. Another quick program that I love is the Wash & Wear option that lets you wash and dry 2 kg (about 5 pieces of clothing) in about an hour, perfect for when you’ve spent the whole day shopping and want to wear something new to work tomorrow.

    Value: 4/5

    The Beko WDW 85143 retails for PHP 45,990—a very reasonable price point for a washer-dryer combo of its size. An inverter motor ensures more energy-efficient operation to keep that electricity bill in check. And, of course, the clincher is the 12-year warranty on the motor which gives you the reassurance that your child will have freshly-laundered uniforms throughout his school years from K-to-12!


    With the Beko washer-dryer combo, doing laundry is definitely not a chore.

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE May 2018 Issue.

    Reviewed by Maribelle Alba

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