Reviewed: Logitech G Pro Headset

    Logitech is one of the go-to’s in gaming peripherals. Their Logitech G gaming gear have long been the recommendation of professional esports players and streamers alike. Last year the brand released an update to their highly successful Logitech G Pro headset, which they had worked on with some of the biggest professional gamers in the world. Does it live up to expectations?

    DESIGN: 4.5/5

    Before the nitty-gritty, I personally bought the Logitech G Pro for the sake of having a new headset for gaming during the quarantine. I ordered it online through Logitech’s official store on Lazada. Upon receiving the headset, I was pleasantly surprised and excited seeing that Logitech had made an effort on the headset’s packaging. Even before opening the box, you know you’re getting a premium unit.

    Opening and holding the headset for the first time, you’ll see that Logitech really made an effort to make the Logitech G Pro headset a premium device despite its price tag. Design-wise the Logitech G Pro headset doesn’t really radiate the usual gamer aesthetic of RGB and over the top sci-fi esque design, instead, it features a monotone design and retro-like aesthetic, with the cherry-on-top being the aluminum plates on each ear muff with the Logitech G logo.

    Its headband is made of steel while the forks that hold the earpieces are aluminum and is pretty durable. Twisting the headset is no problem and I can foresee it taking a lot of rage-induced drops and throws. The earmuffs are made of memory foam and covered with leatherette making them comfortable even on long gaming sessions.

    HARDWARE: 4.5/5

    The Logitech G Pro headset has the brand’s Pro-G 50mm hybrid-mesh drivers developed and created with input from some of the biggest names in different esports titles. These drivers have a frequency response of 20Hz – 20 KHz. Part of the Logitech G Pro headset is the detachable PRO-Grade boom mic. The 6mm microphone has a unidirectional pickup and has a frequency response of 100 Hz – 10 kHz. Thankfully the microphone does come with a wind filter so it can’t easily pick-up your breathing nor rage whispers.

    Also included in the box is the external USB Type-A sound card, a 2-meter auxiliary cable with the device’s inline volume control and microphone mute switch, a Y splitter for a separate mic and audio port for those who want that setup.


    The main reason why I bought the Logitech G Pro headset was that I wanted to elevate my gaming experience. While many rely on power from their PC or console for a smooth gaming experience, great audio is just as important especially on games that use audio queues as a mechanic such as battle royales and some MOBAs.

    The main thing that caught my attention about the Logitech G Pro headset and its bigger brother, the Logitech G Pro X headset is that many of the well-known game streamers and esports players, use these as their daily drivers. I wanted to try out whether these were simply a gimmick and fortunately, I was proven wrong.

    Using the headset was great fun since it was extremely comfortable. The headset fitted snugly on my head despite my wearing eyeglasses. Unlike other headsets where clamping pressure on eyeglasses hurt, the Logitech G Pro headset’s memory foam earpads made it so that I barely felt pressure on my head. Additionally, the leatherette cover provided.

    When using the Logitech G Pro headset you will also need to use its accompanying USB sound card and download its Logitech G Hub program. This enables you to use the advanced equalizer and the included Audio EQ profiles created by esports professionals. You can also save the audio profiles or your own in the USB sound card to use it even on other PCs.

    Audio-wise, the Logitech G Pro headset has pretty great sounds. I found that the headset has a neutral sound in games, unlike other headsets were they sometimes provide boosted bass and unnatural low and high frequency. I liked that setup, but for people who want some more bass, you can adjust the audio equalizer in the Logitech G Hub or download pre-made profiles online to fit your type.

    One of the most defining factors of the Logitech G Pro headset is definitely the mic. This might be one of the best sounding mic on a headset currently in the market. It captures my voice very clearly and limits any other unnecessary noises like typing or clicking. However, if you’re looking to start streaming, you may want to look at the Logitech G Pro X headset with its Blue! Microphone software that allows much more customization on the mic.

    VALUE: 5/5

    Coming in at around PHP 5,000 the Logitech G Pro headset is a great gaming headset for individuals looking to elevate their gaming. It’s a great first gaming headset for most people, but if you want to upgrade from a previous gaming headset or start streaming, the Logitech G Pro X headphone might be a better value with its added Blue! Microphone integration.


    • Drivers: Hybrid Mesh PRO-G 50 mm
    • Magnet: Neodymium
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20 KHz
    • Impedance: 35 ohm
    • Sensitivity: 91.7 dB SPL @ 1 mW & 1 cm
    • Microphone Pickup: Cardioid (Unidirectional)
    • Microphone Type: Electret Condenser
    • Microphone size: 6mm
    • Frequency Response: 100 Hz – 10 KHz
    • Dimensions: 138mm x 94mm x 195mm
    • Weight: 320g
    • Aux Cable Length: 2m
    • Y Splitter Length: 120mm

    What’s Hot:

    • Great design
    • Balanced sound
    • Comfortable
    • Leatherette ear pad provides great noise cancellation
    • Great detachable Mic

    What’s Not:

    • Non-rotating ear cuffs
    • A bit bulky


    Definitely one of the best gaming headsets out there.

    Also published in Gadgets Magazine June 2020 issue
    Reviewed by Gabriel Pe

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