Big Crunch Digital fuses mobile game with TV entertainment

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    Big Crunch Digital Pte. Limited is at the forefront of developing local games to further drive the mobile gaming market through its gaming platform Perya Perya, from the Filipino term for amusement park. 

    The Philippines is now one of the emerging Southeast Asian markets ripe for new game launches and expansion of new mobile game platforms. In recent reports, Philippine mobile gaming revenues will reach USD1,032m in 2021 and push to USD1,522m by 2025. Those gains are fueled by more than 70 million mobile phone users, and 80% of those users play mobile games regularly. 

    Under Perya Perya, Big Crunch Digital has been busy developing mobile games for Wil to Play, a soon-to-be-launched mobile game for Android. The app draws inspiration from the TV show hosted and created by famous local celebrity Willie Revillame. What sets Wil to Play apart from other games is its tight integration with its TV game show counterpart and the ability to win real-world prizes. 

    While most mobile games let you win prestige and bragging rights, Wil to Play’s hyper-casual mobile games give users a chance to bring home digital gadgets, food items, and more, anytime and anywhere. Since there are still limits to the sizes of local events and gatherings in the country, Wil to Play may well be the first game show that allows its online fans to win prizes even if they are not in the TV studio. 

    Jackie Chua, managing director for Big Crunch Digital, said that the company has always aimed to develop a highly disruptive mass-market mobile entertainment offering for Southeast Asia. The company has vast experience in content, anime, and game production and development, working with big gaming studios such as Microsoft’s first-party studio The Coalition and Synergy 88 Digital Inc.

    Wil to Play

    With the Philippines’ average revenue per user (ARPU) at USD33.69 and expected to increase, Chua sees more opportunities. As such, Big Digital Crunch is looking for developers to expand to the Philippine market and partner with the company. 

    “With Wil to Play and other currently-developing mobile gaming platforms, we’ve achieved distribution to more than 10 million users within the 2021 calendar year alone. We expect those numbers to increase exponentially in the coming years.”

    Wil To Play is set to have its open beta release this June 2021.

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