Honor of Kings’ High 5 Festival set to reach greater heights in 2024

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    Running until May 24, this year’s Honor of Kings’ High 5 Festival promises to be the biggest to date, with players from Turkey plus those from the MENA and CIS regions and several SEA countries coming together with those from Brazil to participate in events and earn rewards aplenty.

    Three new Heroes – Yuhuan, Erin and Nezha – join the festivities

    The musical Mage Yuhuan arrives in Honor of Kings on May 3, and depending on the tune she plays can protect teammates or attack enemies. Yuhuan’s Ultra makes her untargetable so she can easily avoid taking damage. 

    Available from May 14, the Elf Princess Erin is an agile Marksman who utilises her Mage skills to launch her unique attacks. Erin is at one with the forest and her Ultra showers laurel leaves on the enemy.

    Reborn in fire, the rebellious Nezha joins the roster on May 29. A Fighter, Nezha roams the lanes on his flaming wheels allowing him to swiftly provide support where needed, dealing damage with his trusty spear.

    Team up to win BIG  

    The High 5 Festival celebrates teamwork and players forming new teams and friend circles will have the chance to earn some great rewards by participating in events including:

    • Perks Card Event – Simply log in to receive Mulan’s Bouncer Skin, Level 5 Arcana experience card and 100 Arcana. But there’s more…
    • All Heroes are free to play and for a limited time five selected Skins, including one S-Class Skin will also be available for free
    • Multiple team-up benefits such as team rank privilege chests, Hero experience card and special kill effects
    • From May 4-5 players above Gold 4 will have their Brave Points, Star Stones and experience doubled for up to five games a day
    • Egg Theft – complete daily missions to earn food for the Overlord, which in turn increases the rate at which the Overlord produces eggs, making even more available to steal and earn rewards.
    • Bingo – Light up all the icons in a row or column to receive the corresponding reward and complete the whole card to earn the grand prize
    • Puzzles – collect puzzle pieces to unlock rewards and complete the puzzle to get a permanent skin for free. 

    Plenty of new skins

    Don’t miss out on the chance to own some amazing new skins such as:

    • The Mask Spirits collection featuring Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei
    • Daji’s first ultimate skin – the beautiful Nine-tailed Fox
    • The Journey to the West series sees new looks for Wukong, Arli, and Lady Zhen

    2024 Honor of Kings Open Series Split 1 update

    When the qualification rounds are completed on May 5, 64 teams from each of the four participating regions will remain to battle it out from May 10-19. The top teams from each of the four regions will then progress to the 2024 HoK Open EMEA Finals Split 1 and compete for a chance of participating in the S2 Invitational taking place this summer. 

    You can catch all the action from May 10 onwards either 2 in-game or at the official YouTube channel.

    The Open Series was born from a desire to provide a competitive platform for grassroots players to show their strength and potential and is part of Honor of Kings’ on-going investment in the esports ecosystem.

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