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    TNC Predator outclass Taiwanese foes in Day 2 of Predator League 2020/21

    TechnologyGamingTNC Predator outclass Taiwanese foes in Day 2 of Predator League 2020/21

    TNC Predator showcased their talent as they outclassed Taiwanese team PSTR to move into the winners’ semi-final on Day 2 of the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020/21.

    The Filipino team showed why they were the defending champions, as they stomped their opponents for a quick 26-minute victory. The Pinoys had a massive 17k gold lead by 14-minutes. They would end the game with 48 kills to their opponents 12.

    Also played after the TNC match was Team Mystery versus 496 Gaming who represented Malaysia and Vietnam respectively. The Vietnamese looked dominant against their Malaysian rivals, handily beating them 39-16 in 31 minutes.

    TNC Predator will next face fellow Filipino team, OB.Neon in the winner’s semi-finals. Meanwhile, 496 Gaming will go against Indonesian powerhouse BOOM ID also in the winner’s semi-finals.

    Predator League 2020

    OB.Neon stands atop the Southeast Asian region after their stellar performance in the recently concluded ONE Esports Singapore Major. The major showcased 18 of the world’s best teams battle it out for a piece of the USD 500,000 (more than PHP 24M) prize pool.

    Aside from the two DOTA 2 games, two more games were played off-stream where Malaysian/Singaporean team Galaxy Racer faced off against fellow mixed Malaysian/Singaporean team Team STAR for their tournament lives. In the end, it was Galaxy Racer that came out victorious in a 30-minute domination of their foes.

    Predator League 2020
    Reckoning Esports

    Lastly, it was the third Filipino team Reckoning Esports, battling against Singaporean squad Team SOOS for their tournament lives. Ultimately the Pinoys came out on top as they destroyed their Singaporean opponents with a 37-9 kill score and the team’s carry Phantom Lancer ending the game with a 20/0/7 KDA scoreline.

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