Want to race in the Toyota GR Supra GT Cup? Sign up for the Philippine leg

    Toyota Motor Philippines has announced the launch of their latest online esports racing program, the GR Supra GT Cup Asia-Philippines.

    The new program was brought about as a temporary substitute to their annual racing cup, the Vios Racing Festival, when the current situation calls for the safety concern for everyone and mass gatherings like physical races are foreseen to be limited in the coming months.

    “Safety of our customers, employees, and fans are always at the top of our priority,” said Atsuhiro Okamoto, president, Toyota Motor Philippines. “But we also recognize the value of waku-doki spirit in everyone! This is a great way to sustain the excitement of motorsports program in the Philippines in a safe environment.”

    The GR Supra GT Cup Asia–Philippines, is an e-racing event under Toyota’s Gazoo Racing motorsports program. It will be fully held online and will be open to the public, ages 18 and above. The online e-races will use Toyota’s legendary sports car icon, the GR Supra, and is expected to start in July 2020. Winners of the e-race will get a chance to participate in the regional finals, the GR Supra GT Cup–Asia.

    “Finally, Toyota fans can participate in our sports program at the comfort and safety of their own homes. We also expect this activity to reach a wider and younger audience, based on the profile of gamers,” added Okamoto.

    Esports in the Philippines have gained popularity over the years. The addition of esports programs in various international competitions, producing Filipino medalists, have further legitimized the sport.

    As the new program kicks off in July, TMP hopes for a better 2021 and the return of the Vios Racing Festival season. The Vios Racing Festival is usually held in 3 legs from the second to the fourth quarter of the year. The current situation makes it very challenging for Toyota, the racing teams, the drivers, and public spectators to do the physical event.

    “We look forward to a better 2021 Vios Racing Festival Season where we can go back to the tracks again and feel the heat and excitement. But for now, we invite everyone to join the GR Supra GT Cup Asia Esports Program,” Okamoto concluded.

    More details of the GR Supra GT Cup Asia–Philippines will be announced soon. Stay tuned at and TMP’s Facebook page to get updated.

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