HELOStrap helps you from dropping your 10-inch tablet, makes sharing a breeze

    If you’re a tablet owner, chances are you’ve affixed some kind of protective cover on it to help it withstand the rigors of daily use. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee that it won’t get damaged – slips and falls happen, especially if you have anything remotely similar to our butter covered hands. Electronics accessory company HELO wants to prevent your prized tablet from falling to the ground with an ingenious strap system that secures it to your hand while still allowing full 360 degree rotation. It also allows you to share the screen with other people while keeping a solid hold on the device. The HELOStrap is available in a variety of colors and retails for $19.95. There is currently no local retailer for the device, though you can buy one through Amazon if you really want one.

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