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    Beko’s Top 3 Tips for Better and Fresher Food

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    There’s just something about coming home and enjoying mom’s cooked meals. And without question, those savory and nutritious meals are  best served fresh. Refrigerators have  always been the answer to  keeping up with today’s fast paced lifestyle; they help mothers and other members of the family keep their food fresh until the next grocery visit. If your ref is able to keep your food market-fresh, then you’re on your way to serving the best that food has to offer.

    Here, we take a look at Beko Philippines’ top three qualities to consider when buying a refrigerator. Among the leading home appliance brands in Europe, their advice is one to consider.

    Keep perishables fresh and crisp.

    Going to the grocery everyday just to get fresh items just isn’t practical, especially for working moms.  Keeping food fresh for extended periods however, still stands as the key to scrumptious meals. For freshness, Beko has integrated its NeoFrost® Technology in its refrigerators.

    Beko’s NeoFrost® Technology maintains the freshness of food by keeping humidity at the crisper section of the refrigerator at an optimal level. The result is fresh food even at extended periods. Adding to the NeoFrost® ‘s features  is the ability for it to provide stable and fast cooling for up to 90 percent in both it’s cooler and freezer compartments. Able to maintain food freshness for up to 30 days, the technology comes as a big convenience.

    Save the original nutritional value of your meat and fish

    Food not frozen properly tend to loss a lot of nutritional value due to the fact that its cell structures deteriorate quickly. Specially true for meat and fish, many perishable goods require adequate cooling. For crisp and fresh food, Beko refrigerators are equipped with ShockFreeze compartments. The technology allows food items to keep its flavor and nutrition intact for that next delicious and healthy meal.

    Be a part of a green future.

    Efficiency is always an advantage especially when it comes to minimizing household expenses.  To help you save that extra buck, Beko’s A+++ refrigerators consume up to 64 percent less energy while its A++ variant refs consume up to 40 percent less when compared to its identical A-product counterparts.

    Modernly designed and equipped with the latest technology, Beko refrigerators come as a smart choice for keeping food at its best quality.

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