Cooking up a feast this Christmas?

    Makati City—November 29, 2017—Now that the yuletide season is just around the corner, you are probably anxious as to what feast to prepare for your family when the rounds of parties begin.

    During the holidays, a lot of time will be spent in the kitchen, cooking sumptuous meals for family and friends, who will be dropping by at an ever frenetic pace. So, your kitchen has to be ready to meet the challenges of preparing all the food you will serve.

    To help you manage the kitchen workload better, BEKO, a leading brand of innovative appliances from Europe, shares some fail-safe tips for a stress-free holiday season.

    Out with the old, in with the new. The onset of the holiday season is a sure reminder that it’s time for a serious decluttering. Start by decluttering all the excess items in your kitchen that you no longer need, such as the old spices, condiments, and canned good in your cupboards and pantries, as well as unused kitchen items you never seem to have any use for from your countertops. You may also try re-arranging your items in the pantry or cupboard so you will always have extra space when you buy the items you will need when you begin preparing food for the reunions.

    Throw out what must be thrown out. We are all guilty of this but, we have often failed to throw out grocery items in the fridge until we need to. Look in the bins, chillers, and freezers to see if there are food items that you need to throw away. Also, look in the containers of food in the refrigerator compartment to see if there are foods that cannot be eaten anymore. Disposing of old, stale food will not only free up space when you store freshly cooked food during the parties but more importantly, it will prevent contamination of clean food from the odors of the old ones.

    Stock up on kitchen essentials. The last thing you want is for you to be preparing a meal only to realize that you are out of a key ingredient. This is not only inconvenient, it also messes up your schedule and wreaks havoc on your workflow. As you clean and declutter, check your cupboards and pantries to know if you still have essentials, such as dry goods, herbs and spices, condiments, basic ingredients and the like. These items are handy when preparing the food you will serve. Also, don’t forget to check things like dishwashing fluids, hand soaps, paper towels, plastic wraps and foils, leftover containers, kitchen cleaners, among others.

    Upgrade your appliances. As you prep your kitchen for the holidays, it pays to check if you have the right appliances to meet your needs, considering that you will be doing a lot of preparations at short time frames. It is wise to choose appliances that will help you prepare food faster and more efficiently, store leftovers and viands for longer periods, and keep as many items in the refrigerator.

    Today’s appliance manufacturers, like BEKO, are now innovating breakthrough technologies that allow easier, stress-free food preparation. Efficient appliances can also help you to focus more on enjoying the company of your guests.

    For instance, BEKO Refrigerators are now made to keep your Christmas groceries fresh for longer periods with its NeoFrost+® Technology. This innovative feature sets them apart from other brands because of its powerful Active Dual Cooling systems. This breakthrough cooling system achieves stable and faster cooling both in the fridge and freezer compartments. Thus, the fresh produce, as well as your Christmas delicacies stay crisp and palatable as if they are freshly made.

    The fridge and freezer compartments also have separate airflows that provide balanced circulation between its shelves, ensuring that your foods are stored in an ideal condition. Since it has the perfect airflow rate and temperature level, it can keep your food’s freshness and nutritional value for up to 50 times longer than usual.  It also prevents air transfer from freezer to fridge compartment thus, food is safe from cross-contamination.

    When it comes to cooking your dishes, you can never go wrong with the latest BEKO Cookers with IndyFlex+ Technology. This breakthrough feature allows you to cook multiple dishes all at the same time. It uses eight accurately arranged and separate coils that allow you to configure the size and the number of pans you will need to cook your holiday dishes like a pro.

    BEKO’s IndyFlex+ Technology also creates eight different cooking zones that can either be combined or managed independently for all pan sizes.


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