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Everyday is Father’s Day with Hanabishi

It’s that time of the year again to thank our fathers for working day in and day out to ensure that every family member’s needs are met.  With the many roles a father is  required to play, a simple thank you would mean the world , even on days without a specialy occasion.

Like mothers who work as equally as  hard, fathers also deserve a break to rest and bond with their families. For special occasions like Father’s day, and for all the other days of the year, Hanabishi, the country’s trustworthy home appliance manufacturer seeks to be the practical Filipino father’s partner. With Hanabishi’s practical appliances, father’s can now take a breather and  achieve a better work-life balance while spending more  time on family bonding.

Making those memorable  father-and-son and father-and-daughter moments

A certain kind of energy, love, and care is often required during fatherhood. There’s those moments of sports bonding with the one’s son, and moments of reading to one’s daughter to sleep.

Everybody loves video games. There’s a game for all ages, and for all family members. Taking the home entertainment system to the next level, father’s can encourage their sons to have a competitive spirit through interactive games played on Hanabishi’s stunning LED TVs that come in 20 to 50-inch models. Additionally, Hanabishi’s TV line up feature an audio equalizer for that complete entertainment experience.

For father-and-daughter moments, fathers can play Disney favorites for their daughters, before bed, in stunning high-definition 1366 x 768-pixel  and full-HD 1920 x 1080-pixel TVs that feature easy setup and plug and play support. After seeing their beloved Disney characters come to life in beautiful color,  daughters could easily be tucked in bed by their father’s for a good night’s sleep.

A cooler home for kids

Who wouldn’t want to come home to a comfy house with excellent air-conditioning? All thanks to the Hanabishi’s air cost-effective air cooling solution, fathers can now enhance the comfort of their home. Featuring speed, power, versatility, and efficiency, Hanabishi offers cooling solutions that help stabilize and regulate home temperature.

Hanabishi window-type air conditioner is build with practical features and modes  to ensure that the whole family gets to sleep soundly at night. The adjustable vents permit easy adjusting of air direction, while the different cooling intensities puts the user in control for whatever cooling preference. Meanwhile, the brand’s split-type air conditioner features an ionizer for cleaner air and better maintenance of skin health. Packed with features like the 3D airflow, auto-restart, easy-to-clean filter, microprocessor control, a rotary compressor, and a 24-hour ON/OFF timer, the air conditioner comes as one of the best, no matter what  season.

Although Fathers and Mothers can’t be present with their families 24/7, giving  only the best home appliances  will help resonate  love and care in their homes.