Stay cool all summer with these home-cooling appliances you can get at low interest through Skyro!

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    Whether you’re seeking a powerful AC to chill your space or a sleek fridge to keep beverages frosty, Skyro has you covered with flexible installment plans and irresistibly low-interest rates.

    Summertime is when staying cool and fresh can either be a breeze or be quite a challenge. While some prefer beach parties and outdoor adventures to make the most out of this season, others find solace in the refreshing comfort of their homes. 

    Here, they can cherish quality moments with family and friends, whether it’s gathering for a movie night, sharing stories, or simply enjoying a peaceful and relaxed indoor environment.

    If this is your ideal summer retreat, you’ll definitely love the selection of cooling appliances available through Skyro. Here’s a curated list of what’s in store for you!

    Perfectly Chilled Drinks with Fujidenzo Chest Freezer

    No summer is complete without refreshing beverages on hand. Make sure you’re always prepared with the Fujidenzo IFC-90GDF!

    This HD inverter chest freezer serves dual functions as both a freezer and a chiller, adapting to your needs effortlessly. Its intuitive digital temperature control panel allows for precise temperature management, ensuring your food stays fresh and your drinks remain icy cold.

    Ultimate Comfort with Samsung Air Conditioner

    Combat the discomfort of hot and humid weather with the Samsung AR10BYHAMWKNTC. 

    This innovative split-type air conditioner transforms your warm environment into a cool oasis with its WindFree Cooling technology. Delivering air gently and evenly, it eliminates the discomfort of harsh cold drafts. Plus, its energy-efficient mode lets you enjoy cool comfort without the worry of high energy bills.

    Spacious and Fresh Food Storage with LG Refrigerator

    Indulge in refreshing, fruity delights this summer, but make sure you have the perfect place to store your ingredients. The LG GR-Y331SLZL Refrigerator offers just that and more! 

    Featuring LG’s Inverter Technology, this spacious refrigerator operates efficiently and quietly. Its Moist Balance Crisper™ vegetable drawer ensures the optimal moisture level for your produce, keeping them fresh for extended periods. With this appliance, your food and fun stay fresh and enjoyable.

    Comfort and Savings Combined with Carrier Air Conditioner

    Experience continuous coolness without breaking the bank with the Carrier WCARZ006EC. 

    This window-type, non-inverter air conditioner stands out for its remarkably low electricity consumption at only Php 2.15 per hour. Enjoy uninterrupted sleep with its 12-hour automatic off-timer, designed to turn off the AC while you rest deeply. Additionally, its multi-pore filter effectively removes dust and pollutants, ensuring excellent air quality every time.

    Who says you have to go outside to have fun this season? Sit back, grab a drink, and put on your favorite movie because summer just got a lot cooler!

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    Customers may also enjoy flexible payment terms of 6, 9, or 12 months at low interest in all Skyro partner stores nationwide.

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