Crowdsource by Google: Help build better products for everyone with machine learning

    Technology Innovation Crowdsource by Google: Help build better products for everyone with machine learning

    With AI powering some of the most magical experiences in one’s favorite apps and products, it is important to ensure that AI systems are able to recognize and understand a diverse set of language and culture. Google launched Crowdsource to empower people everywhere to help train Google’s own machine learning models directly. In addition to that, open sourced data via Crowdsource enables the developer and research community at large to advance the state of the art of technology, with diversity in mind.This free platform, which is available for app download in both Google Play and Android as well as through the web browser, aims to bring diversity and inclusiveness across Google’s AI systems.

    Using gamified activities, Crowdsource by Google, allows users to answer simple, fun questions that will generate diverse and more inclusive training data for ML models. The answers from millions of users around the world will help  to make their favorite Google products such as Maps, Photos, Translate, and Assistant even more delightful as they become inclusive of one’s language, region, and culture. 

    Early next year, Crowdsource will host a free online workshop, called Explore ML with Crowdsource, for anyone who is interested to learn about machine learning. Anyone above 18 years of age, with or without a tech background, is welcome to learn about the basics of Machine Learning and understand how it powers some of their favorite Google products and services. They are encouraged to sign up by February 28, 2021

    Crowdsource influencers who have been trained by engineers and domain experts at Google will be conducting this free online workshop. They will be helping build the participants’ foundation on Machine Learning and Neural Networks, complemented with hands-on activities for a practical application of the learnings to have a better grasp of the module.

    Machine learning for everyone

    Through Crowdsource, anybody can be a Contributor and be part of the community based on one’s interests and background. Language enthusiasts can work on translation activities, those interested in photography can tackle Smart Camera or Image Capture, while users who love looking at different pictures from around the globe can take onImage Label Verification. There is also Handwriting Recognition where users transcribe handwriting samples and help create training data for the models that power handwriting recognition for products like Gboard.

    Community members can also answer the Image Captions activity where they can improve technology behind accessibility features like Image Description in Chrome browser. Sentiment evaluation is also available to help AI systems better understand YouTube and Google Play Store reviews. All contributions and answers are used in Machine Learning-based products to make them work well for the diversity of the global population.

    Interested volunteers can easily become a Crowdsource contributor by simply downloading the app or signing up through the website. Those with a strong passion for community building can choose to level it up and become a Crowdsource influencer to gain access to exclusive Google-led learning sessions and events where they can hone their soft skills and sharpen their technical knowledge on the basics of ML and AI. 

    To sign up for the Explore ML with Crowdsource workshop, visit The online registration will be open to interested participants until February 28, 2021

    Join the Crowdsource community and help make AI work for everyone, everywhere. 

     Download the Crowdsource by Google app on the Google Play Store or visit the website

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