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    A sustainable hydrogen society: Hyundai Motor Group hosts global forum, livestreaming Sep 7

    TechnologyInnovationA sustainable hydrogen society: Hyundai Motor Group hosts global forum, livestreaming Sep...

    The Hyundai Motor Group is hosting ‘Hydrogen Wave’, a global virtual forum that represents the Group’s plans for a new ‘wave’ of hydrogen-based products and technologies. The forum will also provide a revealing insight into the Group’s future vision of a sustainable hydrogen society. 

    The forward-thinking forum, which is exclusively online, starts on September 7, 15:00 KST (06:00 UTC), and will be live-streamed via the Group’s YouTube channel. Investigating and exploring the concept of a future sustainable hydrogen society, Hydrogen Wave is open for participation to industry, media, and the wider public.

    Ahead of the online forum, the Group has released three short teaser videos on its YouTube channel. It has also launched a microsite that provides a glimpse of a future hydrogen society with products and technologies that will be unveiled at Hydrogen Wave.

    Following the online forum, the program jumps from the virtual world of Hydrogen Wave into the real world of a physical exhibition taking place in the city of Goyang, South Korea, from September 8 to 11.

    Falling on the ‘International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies’, an annual September 7 event that was proposed by South Korea and ratified by the United Nations, Hydrogen Wave will demonstrate the future vision for hydrogen energy and a global hydrogen society based on the Group’s decades-long rich expertise and experience in hydrogen technology development.

    The Group will present its vision of a future hydrogen society by unveiling its exciting plans and business strategies for new hydrogen mobility technology, next-generation fuel cell systems, and applications to diverse industries beyond automotive.

    State-of-the-art future fuel cell electric vehicles — as well as other innovative applications — will be unveiled during the online forum. Cutting-edge hydrogen application systems and products from the Group’s affiliates will also be presented at the physical exhibition, further showcasing and detailing how a hydrogen society can be formed and realized.

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