Kaspersky Labs: A New Trojan is Targeting Mobile Devices

    Kasperky Labs reports that a new version of the PC-based ZeuS Trojan is out and about, which is primarily targeting Android devices. This new malware is actually a revamped version of the ZitMo Trojan, which has infected the Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry operating systems.

    This updated ZitMo Trojan has the ability to steal mobile transaction authentication (mTAN) codes, which are essentially the single-use passwords sent by banks via SMS to execute remote transactions. Kaspersky says that users who have been hit by both the ZeuS and Zitmo Trojan are especially vulnerable, because syncing data between their mobile device and their computers provides a greater vantage point for cybercriminals.

    Aside from bank accounts, cybercriminals apparently like to travel. Kaspersky reports that one of the latest phishing trends is the theft of frequent flyer miles. The stolen credits are used to buy tickets or as currency to trade with other cybercriminals for other illicit items/services.

    In short, always exercise caution when downloading and installing apps on your mobile devices.


    For more information, visit Kaspersky Labs

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