Lenovo officially releases U300s Ultrabook

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    It was inevitable that Lenovo would jump in to the local ultrabook market – why let Asus and Acer have all the fun, eh? Tonight saw the official local launch of the Chinese brand’s entry into the ultrabook market with the U300s. Starting at around 1.3 kilos, the U300s is a worthy challenger to the two contenders already in the local ultrabook scene – the Asus Zenbook and the Acer Aspire S3, and currently is the chunkiest of the three girth-wise, posting an overall thickness of 14.9mm. But unlike the Acer Aspire S3 (and like the Asus Zenbook) the U300s packs a nice SSD that goes up to 256GB (depending on configuration) and has a Intel Core i7 processor  under the hood. Lenovo says that the U300s is capable of going the distance, quoting 8 hours of battery endurance on a single charge. The U300s has a body made from a single piece of aluminum shell, and packs a 13.3-inch screen. While it’s not as visually flashy as the Asus Zenbook, the U300s has that understated corporate elegance thing going for it. Unfortunately, you will have to wait till January to get your hands on one, and you’ll have to pay Php 55,995 for the privilege.

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