Motorola wins German suit against Apple, no more imports of iPhones into Germany for now

    TechnologyMotorola wins German suit against Apple, no more imports of iPhones into...

    Seems like Apple’s having a run of bad luck lately, what with a their request for an injunction against Samsung being denied by a judge in California. Now another brand, Motorola Mobility, has managed to score a win against the firm from Cupertino – Germany’s Manheim Regional Court has decided that Apple infringes on a patent held by Motorola Mobility (“core cellular communications patents related to data packet transfer technology (GPRS)”) which is used by several of Apple’s products, and as such, is now forbidden to import the infringing devices. The patent covers a whole range of Apple products, most notably its iPhone and iPad range of devices. This suit only affects future shipments from Apple into Germany, and the company is free to sell the devices it already has in-country. Apple has already appealed the decision, and if its appeal is denied, it’ll have to play nice with Motorola Mobility and pay them for the privilege of selling their products on German soil.

    Source: Phandroid

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