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2019 Hong Kong Electronics Fair: New startup innovators coming through

Technology, as we all know, has brought a significant change in the way we live. It has fired up a lot of possibilities in scientific research and development, pushing various nations toward industrial and economic growth. But apart from providing employment opportunities, tech startups now tend to be incubators of innovation that motivate people forward. Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the 2019 Spring edition of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair featured about 150 startups which showcased revolutionary products for smarter living. Here are some SMEs who stood out during the expo.

Sonic Dutch Korea Co Ltd.
South Korea

For coffee aficionados, nothing can beat an artisan, cold brewed coffee. But in order to extract the unique flavor from the coffee beans, it requires a lot of process and manpower. Sonic Dutch Korea Co Ltd.’s big boss saw the growing demand for cold brew coffee in his area and used it to produce a portable cold coffee brewer for commercial and, later on, for personal use. Powered by sound waves, the Sonic Dutch rapidly breaks down the processing time of coffee brewing to 5 minutes. To ensure equal concentration of coffee granules, it provides different settings according to the user’s coffee preference. Its impeccable features include spill-free brewing up to 500 ml of hot and cold coffee for up to an hour, ergonomic design, and silent mechanical parts. It can even double as a music player through Bluetooth connection to your mobile devices, should you want to be groovy.

Estbrane Co., Ltd
South Korea

A newbie in the industry, the South Korean provider of medical machines recently ventured into consumer health products starting off with the Cerapi facial cleanser and multi-function UV sterilizer. With Koreans being recognized as the most sophisticated race in terms of beauty, their facial cleanser has become a hit. It comes with soft, removable brushes that deeply cleanses pores, thanks to its rechargeable battery that can last up to 10 hours. The Cerapi sterilizer, on the other hand, can kill bacteria in two minutes. It is also compatible to toothbrush, makeup brushes, and even knives, thanks to its adjustable metal body. To make it smarter, it can be linked to your smartphone through a dedicated app where you can monitor the status of the sterilizer. Both products are shockproof and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about putting them on humid areas.

Metro Creative Inc. Limited
Hong Kong

Despite their age, many elderly still like to do things on their own. Some of them go out for walk and run, errands alone. However, more than half of the reported cases of missing persons consist of senior citizens. To solve this, Hong Kong’s very own Metro Creative Inc. Limited has produced a universal tracking device that can be attached to ordinary walking canes. Known as the Panic Safe, the GPS tracker is equipped with a panic button in case they get lost on their way or need assistance. It automatically sends SOS messages and a real-time location every two to three minutes, as well as an emergency call, to the contact person or to the nearest police and hospital. Just connect the tracker to a mobile device via Bluetooth connection, update the emergency contact through the WISO app, and attach it to the walking cane to make it work. There’s also an LED light attached underneath its grip for easier navigation during the night, and long battery life that can last up to four months.

Revsmart Wearable Technologies
Hong Kong

A lot of improvements were made to the second generation of Headsup. The wearable device for helmet is more efficient with the Piezo technology, a new tech that uses sound waves to transmit music around the helmet without eliminating background noise. Compatible with all kinds of helmets, the Headsup 2.0 is extremely compacts, you can place it inside helmet’s removable pads. It now comes with a noise-cancelling microphone for accurate voice commands and clearer hands-free calls, as well as a smart remote that goes to the motorcycle handlebar for easier navigation of commands. Integrating AI in a slim profile, the updated version now supports voice controls through your phone’s smart assistant. It still gives navigation directions and plays music wherever and whenever you are through Bluetooth connection.

Nasket Retail Co Ltd.

Many Asian countries are gearing up on transforming their key areas into smart cities. To make this a reality, real properties would need to integrate a wireless platform or a more connected city living. This is what the clever Nasket does. To make the device work, it requires a stable Wi-Fi connection. Targeted for condominium residents, the smart display for services allows users to purchase their groceries through a scanner or a far-field. Apart from these functions, Nasket also allows queueless payment of bills and utilities, links residents to the nearest police and fire stations for emergencies, and offers logistics services through its secure software. It also supports voice recognition and enables customers to order food, schedule medical appointments, and book housekeeping services at nearby establishments. Once the purchases are completed, the system automatically notifies the customers through text messaging to keep track of their items. The three-year-old company is currently partnering with real estate companies in the Philippines, particularly in Makati and Laguna.


Searching for sustainable raw materials to cut production costs and preserve the environment is very challenging, but this French startup proves otherwise. Optimizing supply chain, the IPCube is an on-demand cardboard pallet that is light and easy to use. It can carry up to 600 kg of cargo despite of its actual weight which is less than 5 kg. It’s moisture-resistant, waterproof up to 5 m, light, and easy to recycle. Made up of 60% recycled fiber from used wood and 40% virgin fiber, the IPCube comes in different sizes. Its biggest client to date is the European pharmaceutical company AstraZenica.


Words and photos by Jewel Sta. Ana | Artwork by Jezeil Romero

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE June 2019 Issue